In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

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  • Q : Labor-Leisure Tradeoffs features When

    When the real wage increases, an extra unit of: (1) Labor supplied will purchase fewer goods. (2) Leisure is more costly. (3) Output needs more labor time. (4) Capital becomes more highly employed.

    Find out the right answer from th

  • Q : Are you being charged too much for

    This exercise inspects the higher prices charged in UK for music downloads as compared to the rest of Europe.

  • Q : Boosting minimum wage laws Boosting

    Boosting minimum wage laws from $5 to $8 per hour is LEAST probable to: (w) give some unskilled workers with higher incomes. (x) cause some low-wage workers to lose their jobs. (y) raise friendship like a basis for employment. (z) decrease unemploymen

  • Q : Avoid losses incurred from predatory

    To drive rivals by a market but ignore losses incurred by predatory pricing, a firm could: (w) cut price below costs but continue to sell similar amount of output. (x) set price equal to average costs, removing incentives for other firms to reenter th

  • Q : Quantity of good supplied exceeds

    While the quantity of a good supplied exceeds the quantity demanded: (1) sellers are more likely to create concessions to buyers. (2) the current market price is below equilibrium. (3) consumers gain through buying before prices adjust upward. (4) the quality of outpu

  • Q : Non-discriminating firm with monopsony

    I have a problem in economics on Resources and Products Flow Model. Please help me in the following question. The non-discriminating firm with the monopsony power in labor market confronts a: (1) Wage rate which consistently surpasses the marginal rev

  • Q : Preference current consumption over

    When the preference for current consumption over future consumption weakens, in that case the: (w) interest rate rises. (x) interest rate falls. (y) present value of future income falls. (z) equilibrium level of investment falls.

  • Q : Problem on reducing Complementary Goods

    The failure of spaghetti crop would be most probable to decrease the: (1) Supply of cheap red wine. (2) International rate of inflation. (3) Demand for potato salad. (4) Demand for the spicy tomato sauce. (5) Prices of dinners in an Italian restaurant.

    Q : Importance of Store of Value function

    Importance of Store of Value function of money: People save a portion of their earnings for utilization in future. But in what form? Money fulfills this requirement of the people. Money as a store of value signifies that money is an asset and can be s

  • Q : Determine least price elastic points

    The section of this supply curve for 2×4s which is least price elastic is in between: (i) point a and point b. (ii) point b and point c. (iii) point c and point d. (iv) point d and point e. (v) point e and point f.

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