In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

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  • Q : Separation of the Economic Functions

    Separation of ownership or stockholders by control (management) into modern giant corporations tends to divide the economic functions of: (w) capitalists. (x) union leaders. (y) entrepreneurship. (z) bureaucrats.


  • Q : Profit maximization-output level in

    Profit maximization needs a purely competitive firm to manufacture at an output level where: (i) marginal revenue > marginal cost. (ii) marginal cost equals the competitive price. (iii) marginal cost is falling. (iv) marginal reven

  • Q : Price discriminate for maximizing profit

    Monsieur Cournot has a monopoly on an artesian well from that flows tasty spring water reputed to have medicinal properties. To ignore incurring variable costs, he is adamants that customers bring their own pails and also fill them in

  • Q : Closed Shops problems Can someone

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question.

    Firms which agreed to hire only workers who were already the union members would be operating: (1) Agency shops. (2) Bilateral monopolies. (

  • Q : Illustration of limit pricing strategy

    An illustration of limit pricing strategy occurs while the incumbent firm: (w) sets a price below costs to drive its competitor out of the market. (x) redesigns its product lines to create components incompatible along with rivals. (y) which has a cos

  • Q : General law of demand I have problem in

    I have problem in this question based on law of demand. Provide me correct answer of this. Described the circumstances in which the "general law of demand" not hold?

  • Q : Goods trading problem Choose the right

    Choose the right answer from following. In recent years the United States has: A) exported more services abroad than it has imported. B) had a small goods trade surplus with Japan. C) had a large goods trade surplus with the rest of the world. D) fallen to third behin

  • Q : Increased value of product due to time

    The farmer stores corn after its harvest in the fall and then vends it in the spring as a hog food at very higher price. The raised value of the corn is due to its modifying: (i) Place. (ii) Form. (iii) Possession. (iv) Time.

    Can s

  • Q : Chain of effects-Market Equilibrium

    Market for goods is in equilibrium. There is an increase in demand for this good. Describe the chain of effects of this change. Elucidate with the help of diagram.

  • Q : Reduction of consumption of Inferior

    Brian, a poor college student, eats pinto beans or Ramen Noodles for dinner every night. After the graduation, he takes a job with a beginning salary of $50,000 per year. This modification in income is most probable to: (1) Decrease his consumption of both the product