In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

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  • Q : Occurrence of price discrimination

    Price discrimination arises whenever: (1) prices are exactly proportional to average variable costs. (2) customers who refuse to pay the market price must go without. (3) a good is sold at different prices not reflecting differences in costs. (4) perf

  • Q : Price discriminate by unregulated

    Unregulated monopolistic firms which do not price discriminate do NOT: (i) have power as price makers. (ii) dominate the supply side of the market. (iii) select profit maximizing price/quantity combinations from the market demand curv

  • Q : Optimal market solution of marginal

    From society’s point of view, an optimal market solution is attained while: (w) everyone’s income is equal. (x) all goods are given in the economy. (y) marginal social costs only equal marginal social benefits. (z) consumer surplus equals

  • Q : What is involuntary unemployment What

    What is involuntary unemployment: The people who are willing to work at given wage rate do not obtain work.

  • Q : Minor Inefficiencies in Monopolistic

    Minor inefficiencies generated since monopolistic competitors differentiate their products may be more than offset through the: (w) increase in economic equity. (x) expansion of the psychologically-meaningful choices obtainable to consumers. (y) reduc

  • Q : What is production function Production

    Production function: It is the technological relationship among input and output of a firm and is termed as production function.

  • Q : Substitution effect of income at wage

    Glynn’s preferences in between work and leisure give in a: (i) wealth effect that exceeds the leisure consequence above point c. (ii) weak preference for working more than 40 hours per week. (iii) substitution effect that exceeds the income effect at wage rates

  • Q : Non discriminating firm-monopsony power

    The non discriminating firm with monopsony power in labor market confronts the: (1) Wage rate which consistently surpasses the marginal revenue. (2) MRP less than w. (3) MFC which surpasses w. (4) Monopolistic seller of firm's output. (5) MRP more tha

  • Q : Equilibrium in the long run This would

    This would be a fallacy to suppose that: (w) a purely competitive firm’s demand curve is perfectly elastic. (x) a purely competitive firm’s supply curve is the marginal cost above the minimum point of the AVC. (y) purely competitive firms generate where MR

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