In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

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  • Q : Monopoly competition and perfect

    Write down the differentiations between monopoly competition and perfect competition?

  • Q : Entrepreneurs implicit cost Can someone

    Can someone please help me in finding out the precise answer from the following question. The entrepreneur’s implicit cost would comprise the: (i) Purchase price of the intermediate goods. (ii) Interest payments on loans. (iii) Value of the owner’s labor.

  • Q : Stable negatively-sloped demand curve

    Assume that a monopolist face a stable negatively-sloped demand curve. Making more sales needs the monopolist to: (1) advertise its product. (2) decrease the price of the product. (3) lower its marginal revenue. (4) improve its technology. (5) increas

  • Q : State Performance of Funds Performance

    Performance of Funds: The performance of funds mainly depends on how much diversification has been taken up by a portfolio manager and also if the company’s fundamentals have been assessed well and no hasty decision has been made on the basis of

  • Q : Problem on free trade equilibrium The

    The domestic demand curve for portable radios is provided by Qd = 5000 − 100P, here Qd is the number of radios which would be purchased whenever the price is P. The domestic supply curve for radios is provided by Qs = 150P, where Qs

  • Q : Effects of Moral Hazard When you pay a

    When you pay a straight A student in advance to write your term-paper and that person spends money on the party and then decides not to do a fine job and hence you wind-up with an F for submitting sloppily written gibberish, you have just suffered since of: (i) Advers

  • Q : Supply of labor in perfectly

    Supply of labor in perfectly competitive market

  • Q : Operating the economy of production

    I have a problem in economics on the topic of Production. Please help me in the following question. The economy operating on its production possibilities frontier is as: (1) At full employment. (2) Technologically proficient. (3) Maximizing the output

  • Q : High demand facing relatively

    Total revenue for Macho Man fake mustaches increased after the price raised from $15 to $17, showing that demand faced throguh Macho Man was: (i) relatively elastic. (ii) relatively inelastic. (iii) unitarily elastic. (iv) perfectly elastic. (v) perfe

  • Q : Saving schedule Refer to the given

    Refer to the given figure.Choose the right answer from following. If the relevant saving schedule were constructed: A) saving would be minus $20 billion at the zero level of income. B) aggregate saving would be $60 at the $60 billion level of income. C) its slope woul

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