In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

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  • Q : What supply curve illustrates What

    What supply curve illustrates?

  • Q : Large numbers of potential sellers in

    Features of pure competition do not comprise: (w) homogeneous products.(x large numbers of potential buyers. (y) important barriers to entry. (z) large numbers of potential sellers.

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  • Q : Consumption of goods changes as income

    This below figure demonstrates how consumption of goods A, B, C and D changes as a family’s income changes. When income increases, the income elasticity of demand is positive although declining for: (w) good A. (x) good B 

  • Q : Change in supply of good and in price

    When a change in the supply of a good causes a percentage change within price which exceeds in absolute value the resulting percentage change within quantity demanded, then demand is relatively: (1) price elastic. (2) inferior. (3) no

  • Q : Marginal product I can't discover the

    I can't discover the answer of this question of my economy assignment. Help me out to go through this question. If any variable input is not scarce input, then at maximum output what would be its marginal product?

  • Q : Loss efficiency to society from

    When the equilibrium price of wheat is $50 per ton and the marginal cost of the last ton of wheat generated is $70, there is: (w) an efficiency loss to society from over-production. (x) an efficiency loss to society from underproducti

  • Q : Fixed constant cash flows in equal

    Financial instruments which promise fixed constant cash flows at equal time intervals forever are termed as: (1) coupon debentures. (2) perpetuities. (3) perennials. (4) residuals. (5) dividends.

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  • Q : What will happen when a supply of curve

    When a supply curve is positively sloped, a raise in demand will increase the equilibrium price as well as: (w) raise the quantity supplied. (x) raise supply. (y) decrease the quantity supplied. (z) decrease supply.

  • Q : Tendencies of price floors creating

    Price floors create tendencies for: (1) shortages since buyers demand more than firms produce. (2) lobbying through sellers for their elimination. (3) net increases within the satisfactions of consumers. (4) surpluses since firms creates more when hou

  • Q : Explain about price-taker The purely

    The purely competitive firm: (w) is a price-taker. (x) confronts an inelastic demand curve. (y) should decide what price to charge. (z) maximizes total revenue.

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