In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

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  • Q : Labor Productivity in Economic Capital

    Labor productivity tends to rise while: (1) the K/L ratio increases. (2) the K/L ratio decreases. (3) workers forego education. (4) capital becomes more expensive. (5) wage levels fall.

    Please choose the right answ

  • Q : Demand Price equivalent to market price

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. People will purchase goods when their demand prices equivalent or surpass: (1) Transaction costs. (2) Market prices. (3) Subjective prices. (4) Price indexes.

  • Q : Labor Supply-Elasticity I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Labor Supply-Elasticity. Please help me in the following question. When we try to list the labor supplies from least elastic to the most elastic, then the most accurate ranking would most likely be: (i) Competitive fir

  • Q : Oligopoly output control by

    An industry dominated by some consciously interdependent firms which control most of its output is an: (1) uncontestable market. (2) oligopoly. (3) illegal conspiracy. (4) unnatural monopoly. (5) entrepreneurial cartel.

    Can someone

  • Q : Determine income in Loren curve When

    When one family held ALL the income it would be shown upon the Lorenz curve as: (1) line 0A0'. (2) line 0B0'. (3) line 0C0'. (4) line 0D0'. (5) line 0E0'.

    Q : Supply of good at market price When

    When producers become willing and capable to sell more of a good at each and every market price, then there has been a raise in: (1) Consumer preferences. (2) Supply. (3) Quantity supplied. (4) Demand. (5) Capitalists’ profits.

    Q : Relatively inelasticity in supply curve

    At point c, in illustrated figure the supply curve into this graph is: (w) perfectly price elastic. (x) relatively price elastic. (y) unitarily price elastic. (z) relatively inelastic.

    Q : Income distribution after taxes and

    When line 0C0' shows income distribution before taxes and transfers, in that case the line that shows income distribution after taxes and transfers would be: (1) line 0A0'. (2) line 0B0'. (3) line 0C0'. (4) line 0D0'. (5) line 0E0'.

    Q : Explain the term GNI per capita How do

    How do you explain the term GNI per capita?

  • Q : Oligopoly in market structure Unlike a

    Unlike a monopolistically competitive firm, which an oligopoly is described by: (w) product differentiation. (x) extensive use of advertising. (y) conscious interdependence in decisionmaking by firms. (z) independence among firms.

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