In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

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  • Q : Implicit Costs-Value of time

    Congratulations! You have made a fortune after establishing the firm which publishes bestselling books of the economic poetry. Your implicit costs comprise: (1) Salaries for your firm’s website designer. (2) The value of your time. (3) Fees for cleaning the serv

  • Q : Income elasticity of demand when

    When diamond sales jump from 3 to 13 million carats yearly while a strong recovery increases national income from $12.0 trillion to $13.2 trillion, in that case the income elasticity of demand for diamonds is: (1) 0.76. (2) 1.52. (3)

  • Q : Problem on demand curve Give me answer

    Give me answer of this question. Refer to the following diagram. Other things equal, a rightward shift of the demand curve would: A) depreciate the dollar.  B) appreciate the dollar. C) reduce the equilibrium quantity of euros. D) depreciate the euro.

  • Q : Measurement of price cross-elasticity

    Price cross-elasticity of demand measures the virtual responsiveness of the quantity sold of a specified good to a change in the: (w) price of which good. (x) individual's income. (y) sales of another good. (z) price of another good.

    Q : Conscious interdependence of oligopoly

    Firms that should contemplate the potential reactions of rival firms while adjusting their pricing and output to maximize long run profit are operating within an industry which is: (1) perfectly competitive. (2) purely competitive. (3) monopolisticall

  • Q : Opportunity Cost to the User An

    An opportunity cost to the user, although not to society as an entire, which would be the: (w) accounting profits realized by a firm of CPAs. (x) interest paid by a borrower for a bank loan. (y) rent paid by a sharecropper to a plantation owner. (z) m

  • Q : Define monetary policy Define monetary

    Define monetary policy? What monetary measure can be accepted to control the condition of excess demand?

    It is the policy accepted by central bank exercising control over money rate of interest and credit situatio

  • Q : Increasing cost industries in long run

    When cranberry farming is an increasing constant cost industry and that firm is typical, in that case an increase within the market demand for cranberries will give in a long run equilibrium price as: (i) less than P1. (ii) greater than P2.

  • Q : Synonym of Word Inequity Of the given,

    Of the given, the closest synonym for the word inequity is: (w) inequality. (x) disproportional. (y) unfairness. (z) regressivity.

    Can someone explain/help me with best solution about problem of Economics

  • Q : Higher prices of good-Substitution The

    The demand for Toyota Corollas will rise in response to: (i) Higher prices for Honda Civics. (ii) The decrease in price of steel. (iii) Honda offering enormous discounts to probable buyers. (iv) Technological progress for designing a car. (v) Higher safety ratings for

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