In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

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  • Q : Public Opinion Sampling Public Opinion

    Public Opinion Sampling: Increasingly trade policy debates and issues are being defined and driven by public polling and expert opinion. Mendellson and Wolfe (2004) offer an overview of the public policy debate in Canada and the roll of polling in def

  • Q : Problem onto Saving and Spending Money

    The owners of a construction company would not be saving when they collected a big check after finishing a project and after that bought: (w) a long term certificate of deposit at their local bank. (x) stock in a newly-formed corporation. (y) a corporate jet for use o

  • Q : Who made decisions Economists suppose

    Economists suppose that nearly all decisions are made by: (i) At the margin. (ii) On the average. (iii) Based on totals. (iv) All of the above.

    Please someone suggest me the right answer.

  • Q : Victimization of Adverse Selection When

    When an heiress’s fiance plans to murder her soon subsequent to the wedding in order to inherit her estate, she has actually been victimized by: (1) Moral hazard. (2) Adverse selection. (3) Cognitive dissonance. (4) Irrational ignorance.

    Q : Compare firms with substantial market

    Compared to Firms A and B as well as C, Firm D is: (1) a firm along with substantial market power. (2) a pure price taker and quantity adjuster. (3) least possible to generate economic profit in the long run. (4) a total revenue maximizer when it produces output level

  • Q : Competition and Social Welfare The

    The purely competitive firm in an output market which hires from a purely competitive labor market will use labor at the point where VMP = W as the firm: (i) Operates in the society's best interest. (ii) Wants to be pretty fair to workers. (iii) Is eg

  • Q : Positive values of marginal utility

    The Positive values of marginal utility curve are related with: (i) Reducing values of net utility. (ii) The highest point on a net utility function. (iii) Negative values of a net utility function. (iv) Rising values of total utility.

    Q : Changes in quantity demand determine

    When the price of Kellogg's Corn Flakes goes up by $1.89 to $2.05 and quantity demanded changes with 250 to 210, in that case the price elasticity of demand would be of: (w) .47 (x) .02 (y) 250. (z) 2.14.

    I need a

  • Q : Comparing income and wealth As

    As comparing income and wealth: (w) differences in their distributions reflect economic discrimination precisely. (x) wealth is a flow variable, whereas income is a stock variable. (y) inheritance explains income differences more totally than wealth d

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