In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

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  • Q : Workers preference of leisure The

    The backward bending supply curve for the labor takes place when: (1) Firms want to hire only some quantity of labor. (2) There is a change in elasticity of the resource supply. (3) Workers prefer leisure over added income over some wage. (4) Minimum wage legislation

  • Q : Effects of marginal utility on Consumer

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. When your marginal utility from $5 movies averages 50 utils and your marginal utility from $2 gallons of the gasoline is 20 utils, you can: (1) Not add to your satisfaction by m

  • Q : Problem on surplus inventories When the

    When the market price for soccer balls is above the intersection of supply and demand curves, then: (1) Shortages of soccer balls will be extensive. (2) Pressure will exist to raise the price of soccer balls. (3) Salaries paid people who make soccer balls are probable

  • Q : What is the equilibrium price For each

    For each case listed below, first state whether the change results in an increase or a decrease in demand, or in an increase or a decrease in supply.  Second, determine the direction of change in both the equilibrium price and the equilibrium quantity.


  • Q : Occurrence of economic profits in a

    Entry within a competitive industry will continue till: (w) accounting losses are driven to zero. (x) economic profits equal accounting losses. (y) bookkeeping profit approaches zero. (z) economic profits are driven to zero.

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  • Q : Determine unitarily elastic demand of

    Assume that many students have fixed “pizza budgets.” When the price per slice falls by $10 to $1 along such demand curve for pizza weekly near a college campus, then the price elasticity of demand for pizza: (w) rises towards infinity. (x

  • Q : Close down a purely competitive firm in

    Within the short run, there a purely competitive firm will close down its plant(s) and manufacture nothing when: (i) this makes no pure economic profits. (ii) normal profits were unattainable. (iii) P < ATC at all output levels. (iv) accounting pro

  • Q : Maximized output level and zero

    When all production costs for a monopoly are fixed [MC =0], in that case economic profit: (i) falls when price is raised in the inelastic range of a demand curve. (ii) rises when price is cut in the inelastic range of

  • Q : Illustrations of homogeneous goods

    Illustrations of homogeneous goods would not comprise: (i) wheat. (ii) athletic shoes. (iii) penicillin. (iv) generic bleach. (v) reams of generic printer paper.

    I need a good answer on the topic of Economi

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