In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents

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  • Q : Theory of microeconomic game in market

    The theory of market structure which several microeconomic game theorists were ready to toss within the dustbin of intellectual history into the 1970 year but that, in the early 1980s, turned into a foundation for the “new&rdquo

  • Q : Family Allowance Plans for Payments

    Family Allowance Plans [FAPs] as like those common in many European nations give: (w) incentives for couples to live together without marriage due to the punitive tax rates. (x) payments that are roughly enough to feed and clothe each child in a famil

  • Q : Classification of firms Can someone

    Can someone please help me in finding out the precise answer from the following question. The summation of all the firms which produce a given product is categorized as: (1) Multinational. (2) An industry. (3) Cartel. (4) Monopoly. (5) Plant.

  • Q : Problem on double taxation The word ‘

    The word ‘double taxation’ signifies to: (i) The Corporation paying both the federal and state taxes. (ii) Corporations paying the corporate income tax and shareholders paying the personal income tax on dividends. (iii) Both partners in pa

  • Q : Effect of supply curve due to price rise

    When a farmer grows wheat and rice, how will a raise in the price of wheat influence the supply curve of rice?

    Answer: The Supply curve of rice will shifted to the

  • Q : Right-to-Work Laws The states which

    The states which have ‘Right to Work’ laws, and collective bargaining agreements: (i) Can’t need all the employees to join a union in a certain period after being hired. (ii) Generally specify the number of employees a firm should hire. (iii) Should

  • Q : Prohibition in financial intermediaries

    Financial intermediaries are not: (1) channels linking parties who want to save to parties who want to invest. (2) restricted to serving primarily large savers and investors. (3) more significant in determining the U.S. money supply than all are produ

  • Q : Question on lowering the supply The

    The Reagan Administration introduced new agricultural program named as the Payment-in-Kind Program, in the year of 1983. In order to distinguish how the program worked, let's assume the wheat market. Now assume the government desire to lower the supply of whe

  • Q : Economic theories Economic theories: A)

    Economic theories: A) are useless because they are not based on laboratory experimentation. B) that are true for individual economic units are never true for the economy as a whole. C) are generalizations based on a careful observation of facts. D) are abstractions an

  • Q : Yield behaviour conflicting law of

    Which of the given statements, if true, seems most probable to yield behavior which would conflict with the law of demand? (i) People cannot afford to drive as much whenever the price of gasoline goes above $3.00 per gallon. (ii) The greater heroin addicts encompass i

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