The problem of asymmetric information is that

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  • Q : Operations of constant cost industries

    Purely competitive industries operating under circumstances of constant cost have long-run supply curves which are: (w) horizontal. (x) upward sloping. (y) downward sloping. (z) equal to LRATC for every firm.

    Can a

  • Q : Level of guaranteed transfer payments

    For identical level of guaranteed transfer payments, the earn income and incentive to work is probable to be: (w) greater with a negative income tax than with transfers in kind. (x) greater with transfers in kind than

  • Q : State marginal propensity to consume

    Marginal propensity to consume: It is stated as the measure of rate at which the aggregate consumption expenditure changes as the national income changes.

    MPC= C/Y

  • Q : Demand and supply influences

    Changes in both demand and supply of a commodity might or might not influence its equilibrium price. Describe.

  • Q : Expected Rate of Inflation What is the

    What is the Expected Rate of Inflation. Illustrate the term.

  • Q : What is Marketability What is

    What is Marketability. Write some points for it.

  • Q : Equilibrium interest rates on financial

    Equilibrium interest rates on different financial securities tend to be negatively associated to: (1) the time remaining until an asset matures. (2) default, exchange rate, and interest rate riskiness of an asset. (3) liquidity. (4) savers’ time

  • Q : Exceed elasticity of demand When the

    When the price of a good increase slightly, then total revenue: (w) falls in the inelastic range of the demand curve. (x) rises over the elastic range of the demand curve. (y) stays close to zero in the unitary-elastic range of the de

  • Q : Effect of Increase in per capita income

    Rises in per capita income in the United States would be most probable to reduce the: (i) Demands for lard, pinto beans, and utilized tires. (ii) Excesses in the federal govt. budget. (iii) Supply of untrained labor relative to skilled labor. (iv) Tot

  • Q : Example to illustrate non-tariff trade

    Imports and American cars are close nevertheless not ideal substitutes. When the U.S. government tried to boost American car sales through setting a price ceiling of P1 upon imported cars in that case: (w) the quantity of cars imported will

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