The problem of asymmetric information is that

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  • Q : Increasing in real market rate of

    The real market rate of interest will increase when there is an increase into: (w) pessimism on the parts of investors. (x) willingness to hold illiquid assets. (y) total capital stock relative to national output. (z) households’ desires to cons

  • Q : Determinant of consumer spending Give

    Give me the answer of this question. The most important determinant of consumer spending is: A) the level of household debt. B) consumer expectations. C) the stock of wealth. D) the level of income.

  • Q : Entry-exit in Long-run equilibrium of

    A competitive industry is in long-run equilibrium only after: (w) net pressure for entry or exit is zero. (x) each firm produces to its capacity. (y) owners reap all the profits they desire. (z) union bosses and firm managers reach mutual agreements.<

  • Q : Highest legal price for Whopper Slushees

    Beginning at equilibrium, a new highest legal price for Whopper Slushees set at P1 would: (i) cause people to purchase more Slushees and fewer cones from Dairy Queen. (ii) Reduce total market demand. (iii) Yield surplus demand and a scarcity. (iv) Inc

  • Q : Laws and Regulations-Seller of the good

    The Caveat venditor is an ancient legal doctrine which, when the products are defective or fraudulently symbolized, imposes legal liabilities on: (1) Seller of the good. (2) Government, for failing to save consumers. (3) Resource owner. (4) Buyer, for failing to use d

  • Q : Minimum wage law for poor workers A

    A minimum wage law does NOT make pressures which tend to: (1) benefit high wage workers. (2) cause unemployment among unskilled workers. (3) uniformly help poor workers. (4) increase teenage unemployment. (5) foster discrimination.

    Q : Marginal revenue in selling extra unit

    The price a firm acquires from selling an extra unit of output, minus any revenue lost when price should be reduced in all other units sold, equals: (1) average revenue. (2) marginal profit. (3) mark-up price. (4) marginal revenue. (5) total revenue.<

  • Q : Capital markets efficiency What is

    What is capital markets efficiency?

  • Q : Example of acquisitions of merger The

    The Overpriced Petroleum Extraction Company (or OPEC) has just declared its acquisition of some small firms with facilities which will permit OPEC to process oil via the whole refining procedure, from oil field recovery via transporting and then trading the refined pe

  • Q : Economic theories Economic theories: A)

    Economic theories: A) are useless because they are not based on laboratory experimentation. B) that are true for individual economic units are never true for the economy as a whole. C) are generalizations based on a careful observation of facts. D) are abstractions an

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