The problem of asymmetric information is that

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  • Q : Cross-elasticity of demand

    Cross-elasticity of demand:

    The receptiveness of demand to modifications in prices of associated goods is termed as cross-elasticity of demand (i.e., associated good

  • Q : Profit maximization in long run Profit

    Profit maximization within the long run does not need a firm to: (i) produce in accord along with the law of equal marginal advantage. (ii) adjust the resource mix till MPPL/w = MPPK/r. (iii) minimize cost for its selected level of output. (iv) produc

  • Q : Socially optimal output in perfectly

    Assume that no externalities in production or consumption exist and the income distribution is universally viewed such as “fair.” When this firm could price discriminate perfectly, one condition for socially optimal output would be for: (i

  • Q : Negative marginal utility The economic

    The economic good becomes an economic bad whenever consumption is expanded into an area where: (1) Sellers experience the moral hazard.  (2) Marginal returns are diminishing. (3) Marginal utility is negative. (4) Buyers suffer from adverse choice. (5) Extreme cho

  • Q : Percentage changes in quantity supplied

    The price elasticity of supply can be very approximately computed as the percentage change within: (w) responsiveness of price to variations within the quantity supplied. (x) quantity divided through the intercept coefficient of the supply curve. (y)

  • Q : Problem of Nash Equilibrium Carlos and

    Carlos and Ivana are room-mates and friends. Carlos and Ivana eat together despite who cooks on a given night. Within this payoff matrix, Nash equilibrium could never be obtained in that: (w) neither Carlos nor Ivana cook, nor do they eat. (x) Carlos

  • Q : Market in equilibrium point by interest

    When this market is primarily in equilibrium at point c, any drop within interest rates caused through an increase in people’s willingness to save will cause as: (1) the rate of return schedule reflected into I0 to shift to the

  • Q : Simple circular flow model The simple

    The simple circular flow model illustrates that: A) households are on the buying side of both product and resource markets. B) businesses are on the selling side of both product and resource markets. C) households are on the selling side of the resource market and on

  • Q : Aggregate demand curve Choose the right

    Choose the right answer from following. The aggregate demand curve is: A) vertical if full employment exists. B) horizontal when there is considerable unemployment in the economy. C) downsloping because of the interest-rate, real-balances, and foreign purchases effect

  • Q : Value of the Average Product Hulk is

    Hulk is the fitness counselor who coaches 5 clients at a time in the exercise groups at Beefcake Body Builders. His hourly salary is $17, and Beefcake charges Hulk’s clients $20 for each and every hour-long conditioning session. Average value of the product Hulk

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