GPRS or General Packet Radio Service

Explain the term GPRS or General Packet Radio Service?




General Packet Radio Service or GPRS is used mainly in the Europe and Asia. GPRS is utilized most commonly for the cell phones. In the Canada, Rogers and Fido are utilizing the GPRS.

You may send and receive the emails utilizing the GPRS and browse the Internet.
General Packet Radio Service refers to a radio technology for the GSM networks which adds the packet-switching protocols, shorter set-up time for the ISP connections, it also provide the possibility to charge by the amount of data sent than the connect time.

It refers to the new non-voice value added service which enables the information to be sent and received across the mobile telephone network. GPRS is NOT related to the GPS (Global Positioning System), a similar acronym which is often used within the mobile contexts. Enabling the information to be transmitted more rapidly, immediately and proficiently across the mobile network, GPRS may well be the relatively less costly mobile data service.

GPRS may offer the instant connections subjected to the radio coverage. No dial-up modem connection is essential.

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