Generates price-quantity consistent for demanders or buyers

All prospective demanders [buyers] would be within equilibrium when this market for teleporter buttons created a price and a quantity consistent along with: (1) eliminating the shortage Q1-Q3 existing at P3. (2) any point along the demand curve within this market. (3) only price P2 and quantity Q2 at point a. (4) eliminating the surplus Q3-Q1 at price P1. (5) any point along the supply curve in this market.

1436_Equilibrium for Buyers.png

Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regarding Economics generally?

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    Kathy purchases two goods, t-shirts and caps.  Her demand for t-shirts is:

    Qt = 44 – 3Pt - Pc + .04I

    The price of caps is Pc = $2. And her income is I = $300.

    a. Graph a demand curve for Kathy’s t-shirts.

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    How can I so

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    How much loss can an industry bear?

    Answer: An industry can bear losses up to its total fixed costs.

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