Formation of cartels

Cheating on agreements is a common problem along with firms which engage in the formation of: (1) predatory prices. (2) game theory groupings. (3) cartels. (4) pure competition. (5) asymmetric payoffs.

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    On-job training, there a college education, as well as leadership skills is all illustrations of: (w) financial capital. (x) human capital. (y) investment. (z) economic capital.

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    General training occurs while a: (w) secretary learns a new office procedure. (x) handyman learns to drive a semi-truck. (y) messenger learns the company’s in-house mail route. (z) navy recruit learns how to repair a guided missile.

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    French toast and pancakes and both are close substitutes. Assume that good weather yields a bumper crop of pancakes and decreases the price of pancakes. Into the market for French toast: (1) equilibrium price and quantity both increase.(2) competition increases the su