Formation of cartels

Cheating on agreements is a common problem along with firms which engage in the formation of: (1) predatory prices. (2) game theory groupings. (3) cartels. (4) pure competition. (5) asymmetric payoffs.

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    Critics of “credentialism” believe which firms making employment decisions tend to rely much heavily on: (1) personal contacts. (2) past experience. (3) personality testing. (4) job interviews. (5) formal training and education.

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    If hiring hundred extra workers increases the firms total cost through $10,000, and each extra worker increases output from 50 units, in that case on the average: (w) profit will fall by $10,000. (x) the value of the marginal product of labor is $10,0

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    For a purely competitive firm operating within a competitive labor market as: (1) the marginal resource cost of labor exceeds the wage rate. (2) the supply of labor is perfectly inelastic. (3) total labor costs are independent of the

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    Inefficiency may exist within a labor market while a firm only hires labor up to a certain point where: (w) the value of labor’s marginal product equals the wage rate. (x) VMP > MRC. (y) MPPL = w/P. (z) the last unit of labor adds as much to

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    A cartel tends to be more successful mainly while this can stop: (1) cheating between its members. (2) increases in the demand for its product. (3) joint profit maximization. (4) international trade. (5) an increase in the price of its product.


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