Formation of cartels

Cheating on agreements is a common problem along with firms which engage in the formation of: (1) predatory prices. (2) game theory groupings. (3) cartels. (4) pure competition. (5) asymmetric payoffs.

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    Explain the target pricing briefly.

  • Q : Wage rate and price of leisure

    Increases within the wage rate all the time: (w) lack impact on the relative price of leisure. (x) increase the relative price of leisure. (y) decrease the relative price of leisure. (z) increase the quantity of individual labor supplies.

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    When the ratio of the price elasticity of demand of a taxed good associate to its price elasticity of supply increases, tax is: (w) revenue will fall when tax rates are raised. (x) hikes will cause buyer's total outla

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    The demand for labor is less elastic when: (w) resource substitution is easy. (x) output demand is relatively inelastic. (y) wages are a huge percentage of total cost. (z) firms have more time to adjust to wage changes.

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    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The production possibilities frontier enlarges if: (i) The economy approaches full and proficient employment. (ii) Technology progress. (iii) Society's net demand for output i

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    Rigid enforcement of “equal-pay-for-equal-work” law would: (w) raise the wage of minority workers who had been discriminated against. (x) lower the wages of “favored” non minority workers who had received higher wages before. (

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    As per shown in this graph, the average high school graduate will earn around: (1) $12,000 yearly. (2) $20,000 yearly. (3) $45,000 yearly. (4) $90,000 yearly. (5) $100,000 yearly.

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    Illustrates the term long run production function?

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