Fixed Income

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  • Q : Explain Generally Accepted Accounting

    Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP): The accounting rules, principles, conventions, and procedures which are employed for accounting and financial reporting. The GAAP for governments are put by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (

  • Q : Describe equilibrium price and quantity

    Assume the market for widgets can be described by the given equations:
                         Demand: P = 10 - Q             &

  • Q : Define Legislature Legislature,

    Legislature, California: Two-house bodies of elected representatives vested with the accountability and power to make laws affecting the state (that is, except as limited by the veto power of the Governor).

  • Q : Make mutual and stockholder-owned

    Compare and make mutual and stockholder-owned savings and associations of loan.
    Some savings and loan associations are owned through stockholders, just as commercial banks and other corporations are owned through their stockholders.  Other

  • Q : Explain Fiscal Committees Fiscal

    Fiscal Committees: The committees of members in every house of the Legislature which review the fiscal impact of proposed legislation, comprising the Budget Bill. Presently, the fiscal committees comprise the Senate Budget and Fiscal

  • Q : Explain LBO-risks for equity investors

    Explain LBO? Describe risks for the equity investors and also describe potential rewards?
    A leveraged buyout is purchase of publicly owned corporation through a small group of investors by using a large amount of borrowed money. The risks for

  • Q : Compare diversifiable and non

    Compare diversifiable and non diversifiable risk. Which do you think is more significant to financial managers within a business firms?
    Diversifiable risk can be dealt along with by, of course, diversifying. Generally non diversifiable risk is co

  • Q : What are Feeder Funds Feeder Funds :

    Feeder Funds: For lawful basis accounting purposes, funds into which some taxes or fees are deposited on collection. In some situations administrative costs, collection expenses, and refunds are paid. The balance of such funds is transferable at any t

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