Fixed Income

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  • Q : What is Recall and Redemption What is

    What is Recall and Redemption:

    Recall: The power of electors to eliminate an elected officer.

    Redemption: This is the act of redeeming a bond or other security by issuing an agency.

  • Q : Advantages of finger prints biometric

    Advantages of finger prints biometric technique:

    • Easy to use and very little training is used
    • No space is required for the installation
    • Large amounts of existing data to allow background list check
    • Has proven effect

  • Q : Clarify trade credit is free credit or

    Trade credit is free credit. Do you agree or conflicting with this statement? Clarify.
    Trade credit is not free. It contains a cost. Who bears that cost based on the terms of the transaction among the grantor and the recipient of the trade c

  • Q : Explain Detailed Budget Adjustments

    Detailed Budget Adjustments:

    Department Detailed Budget Adjustments are comprised in department budget displays to give the reader a snapshot of proposed expenses and position adjustments in the department, why tho

  • Q : What is Reference Code Reference Code :

    Reference Code: A three-digit code recognizing whether the item is from the Budget Act or some other source (example, legislation), and its character (example, state operations). This is the middle segment of the budget item or appropriation number.

  • Q : Define Legislature Legislature,

    Legislature, California: Two-house bodies of elected representatives vested with the accountability and power to make laws affecting the state (that is, except as limited by the veto power of the Governor).

  • Q : Define Governors Budget Governor's

    Governor's Budget: The publication the Governor represents to the Legislature, by January 10 every year. It has recommendations and approximates for the state’s financial operations for the budget year. This also displays the real revenues and e

  • Q : Define Tort Tort : It is a civil wrong,

    Tort: It is a civil wrong, other than a breach of contract, for which the court awards indemnity. The traditional torts comprise malpractice, negligence, assault and battery. Lately, torts have been widely expanded such that the interference with a co

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