Fixed Income

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  • Q : How would the market price of a bond be

    All other things held constant, how would the market price of a bond be influenced if coupon interest payments were made semiannually rather than annually?
    Most of bonds issued in the United States pay interest semiannually (twice per year). Alo

  • Q : Do mergers result in layoffs Do mergers

    Do mergers result in layoffs?
    Entire employment in the banking industry in fact has increased slightly over the last ten years. Some mergers do result in layoffs. Though, several banks demolish their staff largely through attrition to ease the tr

  • Q : Explain Expenditures by Category

    Expenditures by Category: A budget display, for each and every department, which reflects actual precedent year, estimated present year, and proposed budget year expenses presented by the character of expenditure (example, State Operations and/or Loca

  • Q : Explain characteristics of an efficient

    Explain characteristics of an efficient market?
    Market efficiency refers to the speed, ease and cost of trading securities. Within an efficient market, securities can be traded quickly, easily and at low cost. Markets lacking these qualities are

  • Q : How does the market find out the fair

    How does the market find out the fair value of a bond?
    The fair value of bond is the present value of the bond's coupon interest payments plus the present value of the face value payment at maturity, discounted at the market's required rate of re

  • Q : Define Trigger Trigger : An event which

    Trigger: An event which causes an action or actions. The triggers can be active (like pressing the update key to validate input to a database) or passive (like a tickler file to repeat of an activity). For illustration, budget "trigger" mechanisms hav

  • Q : What can a financial institution do for

    What can a financial institution frequently do for a surplus economic unit which it would have complexity doing for itself if the surplus economic unit (SEU) were to deal directly along with a deficit economic unit (DEU)?
    Usually, Surplus economi

  • Q : Define the term Unencumbered Balance

    Define the term Unencumbered Balance: It is the balance of an appropriation not so far committed for particular purposes.

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