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  • Q : Better risk measure in evaluating risk

    Why is the coefficient of variation a better risk measure to employ than the standard deviation while evaluating the risk of capital budgeting projects?
    The coefficient of variation is a better risk measure than the standard deviation alone sinc

  • Q : Explain non diversifiable risk and how

    Explain non diversifiable risk? How is it measured?

    Unless the returns of one-half the assets into a portfolio are entirely negatively correlated along with the other half-that is extremely unlikely-some risk will

  • Q : Define Reversion Reversion : The return

    Reversion: The return of the unused part of an appropriation to the fund from which the appropriation was made, usually two years (that is, four years for federal funds) after the last day of an appropriation’s accessibility period. The Budget A

  • Q : Three examples of mutually exclusive

    Provide three examples of mutually exclusive projects.
    Mutually exclusive projects are projects which compete against each other for our selection. If firm were considering the purchase of new computer, requiring only one computer, then the pro

  • Q : Explain Fund Condition Statement Fund

    Fund Condition Statement: A budget display, comprised in the Governor’s Budget, shortening the operations of a fund for the past, present, and budget years. The display comprises the starting balance, previous year adjustments, loans, revenue, t

  • Q : Describe Schedule 10R Schedule 10R

    Schedule 10R (Supplementary Schedule of Revenues and Transfers): The Department of Finance control document replicating information for transfers, revenues, and inter-fund loans for the past, present, and budget years. Schedule 10Rs i

  • Q : Negative consequences of company

    Explain negative consequences of a company holding too much cash?
    A company holding too much cash would be giving up the chance to invest more in income generating assets

  • Q : Contrast prescribed benefit and

    Compare and contrast a prescribed benefit and contribution pension plan.
    In a prescribed benefit plan, retirement benefits are determined by a formula that typically considers the worker's age, salary, and years of service.  The employee and