Fixed Income

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  • Q : Define Fiscal Impact Analysis Fiscal

    Fiscal Impact Analysis: Usually refers to a section of an analysis (example, bill analysis) which recognizes the costs and revenue impact of a proposal and, to the level possible, a particular numeric estimate for appropriate fiscal years.

  • Q : Define General Fund General Fund (GF):

    General Fund (GF): For lawful basis accounting and budgeting aims, the predominant fund for the financing state government programs, employed to account for revenues that are not particularly designated to be accounted for by another fund. The main so

  • Q : Explain Supplement-Schedule 7A

    Supplement (Schedule 7A): In such documents, for precedent year, authorized positions symbolize the number of real positions filled for that year. For present year, authorized positions comprise all regular ongoing positions accepted in the Budget Act

  • Q : Describe the benefits of paying late

    Describe the benefits of "paying late" (but not too late) and how do companies try to do this?
    Since money has time value, the later cash is paid, but not too late, the better. Companies employ remote disbursement banks to facilitate holding at

  • Q : Explain Merger Merger : A merger takes

    Merger: A merger takes place whenever two companies unite to form a single company. This is very alike to an acquisition or takeover, apart from that the existing stock-holders of both companies comprised retain a shared interest in the latest corpora

  • Q : Describe the Hirfindahl-Hirschman Index

    Describe the Hirfindahl-Hirschman Index?
    The Hirfindahl-Hirschman Index, or HHI, is the standard measure employed by economists to evaluate market concentration. The greater the level of concentration amongst competitors, the higher the HHI. The

  • Q : Explain Expenditures by Category

    Expenditures by Category: A budget display, for each and every department, which reflects actual precedent year, estimated present year, and proposed budget year expenses presented by the character of expenditure (example, State Operations and/or Loca

  • Q : Describe the role of cash and of

    Describe the role of cash and of earnings while a corporation is deciding how much, if any, cash dividends to pay to common stockholders.
    In the long-run earnings are essential to maintain dividend payments; however at the time an actual dividen

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