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Hi, I am a management student studying in a business school. I have given a case study (attached below in PDF) as evaluation. I was able to get an English version but since i am not familiar with the subject i don't know how to solve this. I would like to know if you can provide any solution for this case. if there are any charges to be paid? How should we proceed? Please answer in detail questions a Microsoft Powerpoint no more than 15 slides (10 preferred) including tables. Presentations should be posted in PDF format. The deadline is 12th Feb. Thanks in advance

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  • Q : How are financial trades made on a

    How are financial trades made on a planned exchange?
    Each of exchange listed security is traded at a particulate location on the trading floor called the post. The trading is supervised through specialists who act either as brokers (bringing toge

  • Q : Explain Generally Accepted Accounting

    Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP): The accounting rules, principles, conventions, and procedures which are employed for accounting and financial reporting. The GAAP for governments are put by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (

  • Q : What is Reference Code Reference Code :

    Reference Code: A three-digit code recognizing whether the item is from the Budget Act or some other source (example, legislation), and its character (example, state operations). This is the middle segment of the budget item or appropriation number.

  • Q : How do mergers influence consumers How

    How do mergers influence consumers?
    The effects mergers have on consumers differ widely. There may be some inconvenience and anxiety while a customer's bank or branch is obtained. The issuance of new account numbers and new checks is a familiar h

  • Q : Explain Administration Program Costs

    Administration Program Costs: It is the indirect cost of a program, usually a share of the costs of the administrative units serving the whole department (example, the Director's Office, Personnel, Legal, Accounting, and Business Serv

  • Q : Why do focusing on cash flows rather

    Why do we focus on cash flows rather than profits while evaluating proposed capital budgeting projects?
    We targeted on cash flows instead of profits while evaluating proposed capital budgeting projects since it is cash flow that changes the valu

  • Q : Firm risk of any capital budgeting

    Describe how to measure the firm risk of any capital budgeting project.
    The firm risk of a capital budgeting project measures the effect of adding a new project to the present projects of the firm.

  • Q : Describe value investing Value

    Value investing is an investment strategy which involves buying securities whose shares appear underpriced by some form(s) of fundamental analysis, like stocks with low Price to Earning or Price to Book value. This strategy basically is of buying stoc

  • Q : Describe difference between business

    Describe difference between business risk and financial risk?
    Business risk refers to the uncertainty company hold regarding to its operating income (also termed as earnings before interest & taxes or EBIT). Business risk is brought onto sale