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Hi, I am a management student studying in a business school. I have given a case study (attached below in PDF) as evaluation. I was able to get an English version but since i am not familiar with the subject i don't know how to solve this. I would like to know if you can provide any solution for this case. if there are any charges to be paid? How should we proceed? Please answer in detail questions a Microsoft Powerpoint no more than 15 slides (10 preferred) including tables. Presentations should be posted in PDF format. The deadline is 12th Feb. Thanks in advance

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  • Q : What is Budget Revision Budget Revision

    Budget Revision (BR): A document, generally approved by the Department of Finance, which cites a legal authority to authorize a modification in an appropriation. Usually, BRs either raise the appropriation or make adjustments to the groups or programs

  • Q : How would the market price of a bond be

    All other things held constant, how would the market price of a bond be influenced if coupon interest payments were made semiannually rather than annually?
    Most of bonds issued in the United States pay interest semiannually (twice per year). Alo

  • Q : Describe difference between business

    Describe difference between business risk and financial risk?
    Business risk refers to the uncertainty company hold regarding to its operating income (also termed as earnings before interest & taxes or EBIT). Business risk is brought onto sale

  • Q : Explain Administratively Established

    Administratively Established Positions: The positions authorized by the Department of Finance throughout a fiscal year that were not comprised in the Budget and are essential for workload or administrative reasons. These positions fin

  • Q : Define Settlements Settlements : It

    Settlements: It refers to any proposed or final settlement of the legal claim (generally a suit) against the state. Approval of payments and settlements for settlements are subject to several controls.

  • Q : Describe the sales forecasting procedure

    Describe the sales forecasting procedure.
    This is a group effort. Usually sales and marketing personnel provide assessments of demand and the competition. Usually, production personnel provide estimates of manufacturing capacity and other product

  • Q : What is a fund Fund: A lawful budgeting

    Fund: A lawful budgeting and accounting entity which offers for the segregation of moneys or other resources in the State Treasury for obligations in accordance with particular restrictions or limitations. A separate set of accounts should be maintain

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