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Hi, I am a management student studying in a business school. I have given a case study (attached below in PDF) as evaluation. I was able to get an English version but since i am not familiar with the subject i don't know how to solve this. I would like to know if you can provide any solution for this case. if there are any charges to be paid? How should we proceed? Please answer in detail questions a Microsoft Powerpoint no more than 15 slides (10 preferred) including tables. Presentations should be posted in PDF format. The deadline is 12th Feb. Thanks in advance

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  • Q : Explain Financial Reporting Financial

    Financial Reporting: It is a set of documents made generally by government agencies at the end of accounting period. It usually enclose summary of accounting data for that time period, with background forms, notes, and other information.

  • Q : Frauds in banks Frauds in banks : In

    Frauds in banks: In today’s world all the financial institutions face a major problem of security in banking operations. Today it is a challenge in front of ever bank to secure its functioning and avoid the fraudulent practices in their banks. I

  • Q : Advantages of corporation in countries

    Describe some primary advantages while a corporation has operations in countries other than its home country? Explain risks?
    Foreign operations may decrease a company's labour or material costs, and may raise its sales. Risks comprise possible

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    what are the advantages and disadvantages of working capital source of finance

  • Q : How do mergers influence small

    How do mergers influence small businesses?
    According to a recent study through Federal Reserve & Wharton Financial Institutions Center economists, not a great deal. Their analysis revealed that acquisitions don't seem to be related with a sig

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    Merger: A merger takes place whenever two companies unite to form a single company. This is very alike to an acquisition or takeover, apart from that the existing stock-holders of both companies comprised retain a shared interest in the latest corpora

  • Q : Define the term State Fiscal Year

    Define the term State Fiscal Year: This is the period beginning from July 1 and continuing through the subsequent June 30.

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