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  • Q : What is Revenue Anticipation Notes

    Revenue Anticipation Notes (RANs): The cash management tool usually used to remove cash flow imbalances in the General Fund in a given fiscal year. The RANs are not a budget deficit-financing tool.

  • Q : Explain Appropriation Appropriation :

    Appropriation: The authorization for a particular agency to make expenditures or make obligations from a particular fund for a particular purpose. It is generally limited in amount and period of time during which the expenses is to be

  • Q : Financing costs in capital budgeting

    How are financing costs incorporated generally into the capital budgeting analysis procedure?
    Usually financing costs are captured in the discount or hurdle rate while doing NPV or IRR analysis. Usually the operating cash flows do not comprise

  • Q : Explain Feasibility Analysis

    Feasibility Analysis: It is an analysis of the ability to finish a project successfully, taking into account legal, technological, economic, scheduling and various other factors. Instead of just diving into a project and hoping for th

  • Q : What do you mean by Authorized What do

    What do you mean by Authorized: Provided the force of law (example, by statute). For certain action or quantity to be authorized, it should be possible to recognize the enabling source and date of approval.

  • Q : What are Feeder Funds Feeder Funds :

    Feeder Funds: For lawful basis accounting purposes, funds into which some taxes or fees are deposited on collection. In some situations administrative costs, collection expenses, and refunds are paid. The balance of such funds is transferable at any t