Exploiting the economies of Scope

Bobby Lee’s dairy has gainfully expanded beyond butter, fresh milk and cheese, by providing Organizmic Fertilizer, guided by ATV tours for the visitors, and Granny Lee’s Exfoliating Body Yogurt. The Clyde County Business News trumpets that the Bobby Lee has beaten everybody to the punch by inventively exploiting: (1) Economies of scale via the product differentiation. (2) The natural monopoly place of the dairy industry. (3) The incentive to cheat on rest of the dairy cartel. (4) Economies of scope. (5) Diseconomies of scale by the spreading overhead.

Choose the right answer from the above options.

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    When the real interest rate : (w) is low, there are greater incentives to borrow and fewer incentives to lend. (x) is low, there are greater incentives to lend and fewer incentives to borrow. (y) equals the nominal interest rate + the expected rate of

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