Explaining the term SOA governance

Explain the term SOA governance? List some of its functions?




a) Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) governance refers to a concept that is used for the activities related to the exercising control over services in an SOA

b) Some key activities which are often mentioned as being part of the SOA governance are:

i) Maintaining the portfolio of services: This involves planning the development of new services and updating the current services.

d) Maintaining the service lifecycle: This is meant to assure that the updates of services do not agitate the current services to consumers.

e) Using policies to restrict the behavior: Consistency of the services may be ensured by having the rules applied to all generated services.

f) Monitoring the performance of services: The significance of the service downtime or underperformance may be severe due to the service composition. Thus, action may be taken instantly when the problem takes place by monitoring the service performance and availability.

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