Explain three career opportunities in the field of finance

List and explain the three career opportunities in the field of finance.
Finance has three main career paths: financial management, financial markets and institutions, and investments.

  • Financial management includes managing the finances of a business. Financial managers are the persons who manage any business firm's finances—perform several tasks. They analyze and forecast a firm's finances; evaluate investment opportunities, assess risk, decide when and where to search money sources and how much money to raise, and decide how much money to return to the firm's investors.
  • Bankers, stockbrokers, and others who work in financial markets and institutions target on the flow of money through financial institutions and the markets wherein financial assets are exchanged. They track the effect of interest rates on the flow of that money.
  • People who work in the field of investments locate, select, and manage income-producing assets. For example, security analysts and mutual fund managers both operate in the investment field.

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