Explain Continuously Vacant Positions

Continuously Vacant Positions: On July 1, the positions which were continuously vacant for six successive monthly pay periods throughout the prior fiscal year are abolished by the State Controller's Office. The six successive monthly pay periods might take place entirely in one fiscal year or among two consecutive fiscal years. Exceptions to this rule are positions except from civil service and in structional place authorized for the California State University.

The Department of Finance might authorize the reestablishment of positions in situations where the vacancies were (a) due to a hiring freeze, (b) the department contains diligently attempted to fill the position however was unable to finish all steps to fill the position in six months, (c) the position is established to be hard-to-fill, (d) the place has been designated as a management position for the purpose of collective bargaining and has been held vacant pending the appointment of the director or other chief executive officer of the department as portion of the transition from one Governor to the succeeding Governor, or, (e) late ratification of the budget causes the department to stoppage filling the position, and the Department of Finance agrees an agency’s written appeal to carry on the positions. In addition, departments might self-certify reestablishments by August 15 for the positions that meet specified circumstances throughout the vacancy period.

By October 15 of each and every year, the State Controller’s Office is needed to notify the Joint Legislative Budget Committee and the Department of Finance of the continuously vacant positions recognized for the prior fiscal year.

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