Excessively high production costs to profit

The merely fast food restaurant conveniently located close to a fast-growing suburb may be rather profitable despite sloppy management and poor quality control. There market power can enable several firms along with excessively high production costs to profit, that phenomenon termed as: (w) asymmetric marketing. (x) entrepreneurial sloth. (y) X-inefficiency. (z) corporate raiding.

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  • Q : Derived Demand problem The change in

    The change in price of a resource will cause a modification in the: (i) Demand for the resource. (ii) Supply of resource. (iii) Quantity demanded of resource. (iv) Demand for good in resource production.

    Find out the right answer f

  • Q : Decrease the burden of sales tax on low

    To decrease the burden of a sales tax upon low income households, in that case: (i) goods along with high income elasticities should be taxed. (ii) goods along with low income elasticities should be taxed. (iii) goods along with high income elasticities must be exempt

  • Q : Define marginal cost Marginal cost : It

    Marginal cost: It is the change in sum cost by generating one more or less unit of output.

  • Q : Problem regarding to present value and

    When the price of a financial asset is of $2,000 and the interest rate is 10 percent, in that case investment is not reasonable for: (1) a perpetuity paying $200 annually. (2) an income stream paying $1000, $800, and $600, respectivel

  • Q : Victimization of Adverse Selection When

    When an heiress’s fiance plans to murder her soon subsequent to the wedding in order to inherit her estate, she has actually been victimized by: (1) Moral hazard. (2) Adverse selection. (3) Cognitive dissonance. (4) Irrational ignorance.

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  • Q : Raising or lowering the price in demand

    The point on this illustrated demand curve in below at that either raising or lowering the price causes total revenue of Monsieur Cournot to decline is: (i) point a. (ii) point b. (iii) point c (iv) point d. (v) point e.

  • Q : Question based on GDP In calculating

    In calculating the GDP national income accountants: A) treat inventory changes as an adjustment to personal consumption expenditures. B) ignore inventories because they do not represent final goods. C) subtract increases in inventories or add decreases in inventories.

  • Q : Problem on Monopsony I have a problem

    I have a problem in economics on Monopsony. Please help me in the following question. The monopsonist is a price: (1) Taker as a buyer. (2) Taker as a seller. (3) Maker as the seller. (4) Maker as the buyer.


  • Q : Revenue expenditure Why payment of

    Why payment of interest is treated as revenue expenditure?

    Answer: Since it does not cause any decrease in the liability of government.

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