Example of Industrial Unions

Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The United Auto Workers (or UAW) is an illustration of the: (1) Industrial union. (2) Company union. (3) Mechanical union. (4) Craft union.

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  • Q : Define deficient demand or deflationary

    Define deficient demand or deflationary gap: Deficient demand occur whenever AD is less than AS at the level of full employment equilibrium

  • Q : Marginal revenue by price elastic

    When a monopolist's demand is price elastic, in that case marginal revenue is: (w) positive. (x) negative. (y) zero. (z) independent of price elasticity.

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    The demand for an exact good tends to be relatively more price elastic when the good: (1) has various close substitutes and very little complements. (2) is taken as a necessity in place of a luxury. (3) is an inferior good. (4) is rel

  • Q : Total variable cost when maximizes

    Total variable cost when this firm maximizes economic profits would be: (i) $12,000 per period. (ii) $24,000 per period. (iii) $32,000 per period. (iv) $48,000 per period. (v) $60,000 per period.

  • Q : Determine area of maximum profit For

    For LoCalLoCarbo maximum profit equals the area of the rectangle as: (1) 0P1bq2. (2) bdP4P1. (3) 0P4dq2. (4) bcP3P1. (5) 0P2fq4.

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    The purely competitive firm in the output market which hires from a purely competitive labor market will employ the labor at the point where VMP = W as the firm: (p) Operates in society's best interest. (q) Wants to be quite fair to workers. (r) Is egalitarian institu

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    Welfare by the poor to the rich” is best illustrated when: (1) an l8 year old dishwasher pays Social Security taxes to give payments to a 67 year old retired vice president of General Motors. (2) federal highway funds are diverted to a ma

  • Q : Problem regarding Rational Ignorance

    Whenever decision makers select not to pursue further information as the expected reward for the searching for it does not surpass its expected cost, the outcome is: (1) Adverse choice. (2) Consumer exploitation. (3) Unintended effects. (4) Asymmetric information. (5)

  • Q : Equilibrium GDP Provide solution of

    Provide solution of this question. If the MPC is .70 and gross investment increases by $3 billion, the equilibrium GDP will: A) increase by $10 billion. B) increase by $2.10 billion. C) decrease by $4.29 billion. D) increase by $4.29 billion.

  • Q : Average total costs above the demand

    A profit-maximizing monopolist will necessarily incur economic losses when, at every feasible level of output as: (w) average fixed costs [AFC] are very high. (x) average total costs [ATC] lies above the demand curve. (y) average tota