Example of Industrial Unions

Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The United Auto Workers (or UAW) is an illustration of the: (1) Industrial union. (2) Company union. (3) Mechanical union. (4) Craft union.

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  • Q : Maximizing profit regardless magnitude

    Assume that Monsieur Cournot cannot price discriminate although is intent on maximizing profit. Apart from of the magnitude of variable costs, Cournot would certainly not try to sell: (w) the output corresponding to p

  • Q : Determine equality of marginal revenue

    Marginal revenue equals the change within total: (w) profit as output expands slightly. (x) output from hiring an additional worker. (y) revenue from selling an extra unit of output. (z) tax rates while tax revenue increases a bit.

    Q : Horizontal demand curve facing purely

    The demand curve facing a purely competitive firm is: (w) horizontal. (x) vertical. (y) downward sloping. (z) the horizontal summation of individual demand curves.

    Can someone explain/help me with best solution abo

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    To form and effectively keep a cartel over time needs that the: (w) bulk of output be produced and sold by a minute number of cartel members. (x) product be relatively heterogeneous. (y) demand for the product be highly elastic. (z) government totall

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    This is difficult to convict a company for practicing predatory pricing since: (w) the degree of economic analysis needed is beyond the understanding of most lawyers. (x) this is not illegal to practice predatory pricing. (y) this is frequently hard t

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    In short run, the demand for mink coats is least probable to change in response to: (i) Development of the petroleum based faux fur fabric which can’t be differentiated from genuine mink except via DNA analysis. (ii) Armies of a

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    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Significant influences on the union non-union wage differentials comprise the: (1) Proportion of the industry which is unionized and the frequency of strikes. (2) Frequency of s

  • Q : Hicks Model of Bargaining The John

    The John Hick’s bargaining model recommends that the union wage demands and a firm's wage provide: (i) Might be so distinct that the management hires scabs. (ii) Are non-negotiable in the competitive environment. (iii) Become identical as the du

  • Q : Market power as a price maker The only

    The only firm in this figure which has market power as a price maker is: (w) Firm A. (x) Firm B. (y) Firm C. (z) Firm D.

    Q : Direction of the income effect The

    The direction of the income effect can’t be: (i) Negative for inferior goods. (ii) Positive for the luxury goods. (iii) Zero for a good which some people consider a requirement. (iv) Expected when we know only the size and direction of substitution effect.