Example of Industrial Unions

Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The United Auto Workers (or UAW) is an illustration of the: (1) Industrial union. (2) Company union. (3) Mechanical union. (4) Craft union.

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  • Q : Econ Give the answer of following

    Give the answer of following question. In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents: A) 5 percent of the income receivers. B) 10 percent of the income receivers. C) 20 percent of the income receivers. D) 25 percent of the income receivers.

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    Demand curves graphically depict the relationships which are: (i) Positive among the demand for a good and its relative price. (ii) Negative between the quantity demanded and the opportunity cost of a good. (iii) Positive between income and expenditures. (iv) A horizo

  • Q : Profit-maximizing firms with monopsony

    Unlike the competitive employers, profit-maximizing firms with the monopsony power will: (1) Set any salary they want and hire as lots of workers as they want. (2) Make any amount and charge any price they desire for output. (3) Be expected to try to make the most of

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    what are the implications of law of demand to the government,household and business

  • Q : Amount of goods or resource under

    The amounts of a good or resource which sellers will offer beneath different conditions are termed as its: 1) Supply. (2) Availability. (3) Market. (4) Equilibrium. (5) Surplus.

    Find out the right answer from the above options.

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    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The synonymous words marginal factor costs or the marginal resource costs signify to the: (i) Cost incurred in generating an additional unit of capital. (ii) Cost to the resource owner of secu

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    Distinguish among devaluation and depreciation of domestic currency

  • Q : Economic Rent of Demand Curve When D 0

    When D0 is the initial demand curve for land in this illustrated figure, within equilibrium the economic rent realized through the landowner will be: (1) zero. (2) area Ocef. (3) area cae. (4) area Oaef. (5) a pure economic

  • Q : Minimum Required Quantity Demand An

    An economic rent is earned when the owner of any resource as: (w) receives income greater than the minimum required to ensure that the quantity demanded is obtainable. (x) exerts control over the payment for the resource. (y) sells input services in a

  • Q : Social welfare function what do you

    what do you mean by a social welfare function? if you assume that such a function exists, what properties of social optima would be considered by you? discuss such properties.