Example of Industrial Unions

Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The United Auto Workers (or UAW) is an illustration of the: (1) Industrial union. (2) Company union. (3) Mechanical union. (4) Craft union.

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  • Q : Problems on leftward shift of demand

    Whenever kids abandon a short-lived fad for Dinosaur action figures, this would be exhibited by the: (1) Left-ward shift of demand curve. (2) Right-ward shift of supply curve. (3) Right-ward shift of demand curve. (4) Left-ward shift of supply curve. (5) Movement down

  • Q : Natural barriers to entry A monopoly

    A monopoly may emerge naturally while: (w) increasing costs happen quickly relative to market demand. (x) at low levels of output, disutilities of scale are encountered. (y) economies of scale are substantial relative to market demand. (z) variable co

  • Q : Cross elasticity coefficient substitutes

    When Ford raises pickup truck prices 20 percent and Chevy pickup sales rise 12 percent, in that case these goods are _____ as well as their cross elasticity coefficient is approximately _____. (w) complements;  0.6. (x) substitutes; 0.6. (y) subs

  • Q : Market structure in an automotive

    What type of a market structure in an automotive industry?

  • Q : Define fixed cost Fixed cost : Fixed

    Fixed cost: Fixed costs refer to cost that remains constant as output modifies. For example: rent

  • Q : Transformation of Predictable Income

    The transformation of predictable income streams within wealth is termed as: (i) monetization. (ii) financial arbitrage. (iii) capitalization. (iv) seignorage. (v) capital accumulation.

    How can I solve my E

  • Q : Decrease in demand determinants The

    The reduction in demand accompanies all of the following apart from: (i) Expectations of better accessibility or excesses. (ii) Declines in the price of substitute. (iii) Rises in the number of buyers. (iv) Negative modifications in preferences and ta

  • Q : Bond of fixed annual income A bond

    A bond which pays a fixed annual income always is: (w) an eternity. (x) a perpetuity. (y) worthless. (z) infinitely valuable.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regarding Econom

  • Q : Optimization and Heuristics Can someone

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. No one can execute all the mental gymnastics essential to perfectly process information and hence all their decisions are mathematically optimal, therefore most of the people rely heavily on m

  • Q : Emerging natural monopoly A monopoly

    A monopoly will come out naturally when: (w) the government relaxes antitrust laws. (x) economies of scale are large relative to market demand. (y) variable costs are huge relative to fixed costs. (z) variable costs rise as output expands.