Example of an explicit cost

Which of the given below is an example of the explicit cost? (i) The owner’s time. (ii) Depreciation on company owned truck. (iii) The interest which could be earned when some of the owner’s funds was not tied up in business. (iv) Salaries paid to the employees.

Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the above options.

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    The market demand curves for most of the goods are as: (i) Cross-multiplied products of the individual demand curves. (ii) Insignificant for most of the analytical aims. (iii) The horizontal summation of the individual demand curves. (iv) Irrelevant for business decis

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    All price-taker firms face absolutely: (w) elastic demand curves. (x) unitary supply curves. (y) inelastic demand curves. (z) inelastic output curves.

    Hey friends please give your opinion for the problem of

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    What is that market termed in which there are just two sellers (or firms)?

    Answer: Duopoly terms to a market condition in which there are only two sellers.

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    When point e corresponds to $9,000 per RoboMaid, Robomatic can produce economic profit all month of at most around: (1) $25 million. (2) $40 million. (3) $55 million. (4) $70 million. (5) $85 million.

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    When the firm produced at output level q2, this produced where: (w) MR = MC. (x) MR > MC. (y) MR < MC. (z) P < MC.

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    Several firms have monopolies over brand name products, although face competition from: (w) international cartels. (x) oligopolistic rivals. (y) producers of close substitutes for their products. (z) intra-firm rivalry.

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    When P = $10 for Tiny Tee-shirts, and Q = 20, but when P = $5, Q = 25. The price elasticity of demand for Tiny Tee-shirts of: (w) 3.0. (x) 1/3. (y) 1/2. (z) 21.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for giv

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    When firms exit a declining competitive industry, in that case surviving firms will: (i) reduce their outputs and prices. (ii) experience higher prices and profits. (iii) automate to adjust to lower wages. (iv) sell more output at lower prices.


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