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  • Q : Suppose you worked for a US- based

    Suppose you worked for a US- based company that wanted to develop its own MIB for managing a product line. Where in the object identifier tree would it be registered? ( Hint: You’ll have to do some digging through RFCs or other documents to answer this question.)

  • Q : Operations in Blowfish Explain the

    Explain the primitive operations which are used in the Blowfish?

  • Q : Access control list or ACL ACL (Access

    ACL (Access control list): In order to control the access to a particular number of users the wireless network makes use of ACL which is access control list. In this the unique address of the clients or the users are used and hence a check can be put

  • Q : AES and Rijndael State difference

    State difference between the AES and Rijndael?

  • Q : Function areas of IP security Specify

    Specify various function areas of the IP security?

  • Q : Block cipher modes Explain why some

    Explain why some block cipher modes of the operation use encryption whereas the others use both the encryption and the decryption?

  • Q : Analysis on Wireless Technology 1.

    1. Summarize what is being accomplished in this section in a few sentences.

    What is being accomplished here is that we have created a sequence generator that outputs two short random messages. The multiple sequence source generates

  • Q : Requirements for process of message

    State requirements for the process of message authentication.

  • Q : Explain LAN security in an Organization

    Introduction: The companies are able to deploy wireless LAN easily as the communication mode is wireless and hence no physical cables are put to use and drawing physical cable throughout the building incurs more time as compared to wireless LAN. With

  • Q : Ip Question 4 - You have been asked to

    Question 4 - You have been asked to design an IP addressing plan for a medium size corporation, Corporation (X) converting to an IP network. The corporation currently has 88 locations but plans to expand to approximately 100 Locations within the next year. Each location should have a user network

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