estimation demand

exceptional demand curve

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  • Q : Social Welfare and Labor Market

    A labor market operates inefficiently when labor is hired only up to a point where, that the last worker: (1) VMP = w. (2) VMP minus MRC exceeds zero and is maximized. (3) P x MPPL = w. (4) added total revenue equals added total cost.

    Q : Legal incidence of tax burdens The firm

    The firm or individual responsible for paying a specified tax to the government bears: (w) stigma of being a tax evader when it is completely forward shifted. (x) full tax burden only when the tax is backward shifted. (y) legal incidence of the tax. (z) reduction in p

  • Q : Highest income of supply of labor This

    This worker’s weekly income in this demonstrated figure would be the highest at: (w) point a. (x) point b. (y) point c. (z) point d.

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  • Q : Merits and demerits of Scarcity

    What are the merits and demerits of Scarcity Definition of economics?

  • Q : Economic efficiency for consumption and

    Economic efficiency for all consumption and production choices would guarantee getting the social objectives of: (w) equality of income distribution. (x) employment and educational opportunities for all. (y) enhanced environmental quality. (z) None of

  • Q : Define the difference between

    Define the difference between accounting and economic cost.

  • Q : How is the Demand forecasting important

    How is the Demand forecasting important?

  • Q : Wage rate at demand of labor When the

    When the wage rate price of $13, in that case this firm would hire slightly fewer than: (i) 600 workers. (ii) 700 workers. (iii) 800 workers. (iv) 900 workers (v) 1000 workers.

    Q : Value of the Marginal Product and

    When a firm is a price taker in the sale of its product, in that case labor’s: (w) ARP (Average Revenue Product) = MRP. (x) ARP = VMP. (y) VMP > MRP. (z) VMP = MRP.

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  • Q : Huge parts of the enormous incomes

    Huge parts of the enormous incomes earned through some gifted athletes and performers are pure economic: (w) wages. (x) profits. (y) interest. (z) rents.

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