estimation demand

exceptional demand curve

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  • Q : Labor Productivity Where diminishing

    Where diminishing returns overwhelm gains through the division of specialized labor, when there is an inflection point on the total revenue curve derived by a total output curve, and by the vantage point of a purely competitive firm h

  • Q : Illustrates the factors changes in

    Illustrates the factors changes in demand?

  • Q : Accumulation of certificates of

    A potential employee’s accumulation of certificates and degrees to stimulate interest through a potential employer is termed by economists as: (1) specific training. (2) signaling. (3) general training. (4) screening. (5) ticket-punching.


  • Q : Main determinants of wage differentials

    Main determinants of wage differentials comprise: (1) general human capital requirements. (2) working conditions. (3) occupational crowding (4) specific human capital requirements. (5) All of the above.

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  • Q : Define naive method and its techniques

    Define naive method and its techniques briefly.

  • Q : Marginal Product of Labor in Firm If

    If this firm maximizes profit, this will be producing under circumstances of: (1) increasing returns to labor. (2) economies of scale. (3) diminishing returns to labor. (4) constant returns to labor. (5) adverse selection and moral hazard.

    Q : Problem regarding the Economic Capital

    Economic capital doesn’t comprise a new: (i) luxury apartment building. (ii) bulldozer. (iii) bond issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. (iv) multi-tasking cell phone. (v) paper clip.

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  • Q : Case Study I am uploading another

    I am uploading another project. Please provide cost and estimated delivery day. Thanks.

  • Q : Describe the term trend projection

    Describe the term trend projection.

  • Q : Value of Marginal Product of Labor The

    The social value of the extra output by additional units of labor is: (1) marginal revenue product of labor. (2) price of labor. (3) average revenue product of labor. (4) value of the marginal product of labor. (5) marginal resource cost of labor.

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