why is marginal revenue product=marginal resource cost a formula for profit maximization?

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  • Q : Minimum Wage Laws I have a problem in

    I have a problem in economics on Minimum Wage Laws. Please help me in the following question. Minimum wage legislation has been promotes as a technique to: (i) Make sure that workers are paid beneath the subsistence salaries. (ii)  Perpetuate poverty. (iii) Maxim

  • Q : Estimate Gini index Computing the

    Computing the proportion of the area above a Lorenz curve although below the 45-degree reference line relative to the whole area below the reference line yields a numeric measure of inequality termed as a/an: (w) Gini index. (x) inequality coefficient

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    I have a problem in economics on Limited liability of the owners. Please help me in the following question. The limited liability of the owners is one of the main benefits of: (i) Partnerships. (ii) Corporations. (iii) Wandering confidence schemers. (iv) Sole propriet

  • Q : Highest legal price for Whopper Slushees

    Beginning at equilibrium, a new highest legal price for Whopper Slushees set at P1 would: (i) cause people to purchase more Slushees and fewer cones from Dairy Queen. (ii) Reduce total market demand. (iii) Yield surplus demand and a scarcity. (iv) Inc

  • Q : Law of diminishing returns for a good

    The point is inevitably reached where an individual derives less extra enjoyment from the extra units of any good. This is mainly well-suited with: (i) Supply curves that slope-up and to right. (ii) Concave (or bowed out) production possibilities frontiers. (iii) The

  • Q : Calculation of total fixed cost of a

    Hello friends I need your help to solve the problem that is given below:

    This firm's total fixed cost (TFC) can be calculated as area: (a) 0PeQ. (b) bPec. (c) aPed. (d) 0bcQ. (e) abcd.

    Q : Problem on rational ignorance An

    An illustration of rational ignorance is demonstrated when you: (1) Are elected to a political office. (2) Settle for an other half who is not your "ideal" mate. (3) Eat a steak which increases your cholesterol level. (4) Were suspended from high scho

  • Q : On which point demand appears to be

    On this demonstrated figure of demand curve for DVD games, demand appears to be approximately unitarily elastic at: (w) Q = O, P = $50. (x) Q = 10, P = $O. (y) Q = 5, P = $25. (z) No point on the demand curve.

    Q : Monopsony Power definition Can someone

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The monopsony is a: (1) Market with just one seller. (2) Sole buyer of a specific good or resource. (3) Market with just one product. (4) Firm which employs just one resource.

  • Q : Occurrence of lower bond prices Lower

    Lower bond prices arise simultaneously while there are increases into: (1) optimism among investors in economic capital. (2) government budget surpluses. (3) the rates of saving by households. (4) the liquidity of all financial assets. (5) interest ra

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