why is marginal revenue product=marginal resource cost a formula for profit maximization?

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  • Q : Elimination of discrimination In the

    In the following diagram, the elimination of discrimination is best depicted by: 1) a move from C to E. 2) an inward shift of the production possibilities curve. 3) a move from A to D. 4) a move from E to C.

    Q : Positional Goods Consider things like

    Consider things like yachts, tattoos, mansions, Harley-Davidsons or bling. Whenever the satisfaction derived from the good depends just weakly on an intrinsic attributes of the good and much strongly on how the good signals group membership or the status, power or soc

  • Q : Amount of goods or resource under

    The amounts of a good or resource which sellers will offer beneath different conditions are termed as its: 1) Supply. (2) Availability. (3) Market. (4) Equilibrium. (5) Surplus.

    Find out the right answer from the above options.

  • Q : Profit-maximizing pure competitor at

    The break-even point as illustrated below for that profit-maximizing pure competitor happens at the price consequent to: (w) point f. (x) point h. (y) point j. (z) point k.

    Q : Marginal revenue in selling extra unit

    The price a firm acquires from selling an extra unit of output, minus any revenue lost when price should be reduced in all other units sold, equals: (1) average revenue. (2) marginal profit. (3) mark-up price. (4) marginal revenue. (5) total revenue.<

  • Q : Rate of return onto investment When the

    When the rate of return on investment equals the interest rate, in that case investment will: (w) rise. (x) fall. (y) not change. (z) Any of the above is possible.

    Hey friends please give your opin

  • Q : Effect of preference on demand Maureen

    Maureen generally drinks two glasses of Lost Horizons Cabernet Sauvignon each evening. Her demand for her preferred brand is least probable to be influenced by:  (i) The bad crop of grapes lowering the quality of Lost Horizons Cabernet. (ii) Getting a $4000 annua

  • Q : Discounted by an appropriate interest

    A fundamental principle of finance is that the net cash flows expected by an investment are: (w) all future revenues expected by the investment minus the purchase price of the capital. (x) negatively associated to the interest rates related with borrowing investment f

  • Q : Problem regarding Subjective Prices

    Mike trades 6 vintage baseball cards for the Jake’s original Ty Cobb card. When Mike’s six cards had equivalent total market value with Jake’s Ty Cobb card, then this trade would show: (i) Unfair incentive. (ii) Demand price. (iii) Opportunity cost.

  • Q : When is the DVD sale increased most

    DVD sales are most probably to rise over the long run when the: (w) supply of live entertainment rises. (x) government imposes stiff taxes upon video tapes. (y) technology carries on to advance. (z) prices of theater tickets fall.

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