why is marginal revenue product=marginal resource cost a formula for profit maximization?

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    Why Vietnam divided into two different nations?

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    This monopolistic competitor generates Q0 output and experiences: (1) only normal accounting profits, and zero economic profits. (2) positive economic profits. (3) high costs because of excessive managerial salaries. (4) stagnation because

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    Producers equilibrium signifies the stage beneath which with the help of given factors of production producer attain the level of production of which he is acquiring maximum gain.

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    Liz admitted a pay cut in May and consequently start cooking at home more and dining out less frequently. Her adjustments provide illustrations of the: (i) Substitution effect. (ii) Income elasticity of the demands for various goods. (iii) Law of diminishing marginal

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    When we only know that the demand and the supply of a resource or good both have increased, we would decide that the resulting change within its price will be: (w) positive. (x) negative. (y) zero. (z) indeterminate.<

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    I have a problem in economics on Value of the Marginal Product. Please help me in the following question. Value of the marginal product is stated as: (1) MPP × P. (2) MPP × MR. (3) MPP × MC. (4) MPP × MRC.

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    The burden of taxation would become additional progressive when federal taxes were reformed in that case: (1) fewer business firms were capable to evade corporate profit taxes. (2) steeper taxes were levied on that harmful goods as alcohol and tobacco. (3) the proport

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    I have a problem in economics on Equilibrium rate of monopsony exploitation. Please help me in the following question. Equilibrium rate of the monopsony exploitation by a firm is a difference between: (i) MRP and VMP. (ii) VMP and w. (iii) MFC and w.

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    Which of the given in lists of taxes or taxed goods is possibly in accurate order from most backward-shifted to most forward: (w) Tobacco, property, general sales and payroll. (x) Land, payroll, tobacco and property. (y) Tobacco, payroll, corporate in