Electric Circuits

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  • Q : Illustrates some examples for minute

    Illustrates some examples for minute scale embedded systems?

    Answer: Several illustration are given below: ACVM, for a robotic system stepper motor controllers, wash

  • Q : Explain CRC Explain the term CRC.

    Explain the term CRC.

  • Q : Estimate resonant frequency-magnitude

    A parallel R-L-C network is demonstrated in figure below, here the inductor is seem as non-ideal having the resistance, R, related with the winding. Verify an expression for the resonant frequency at that the impedance becomes purely real or say resistive in terms of

  • Q : What is repeater What do you mean by

    What do you mean by the term repeater?

  • Q : Difference between the SCR and diode

    Illustrate the difference between the SCR and diode rectifier?

  • Q : What do you mean by the term ZigBee

    What do you mean by the term ZigBee and also write down its specifications?

  • Q : VCB at High Transmission System Provide

    Provide the reason for using VCB at the High Transmission System? And not the ACB?

  • Q : Determine the impedance of the parallel

    Find out the impedance of the parallel R-C network demonstrated in figure below at a frequency of 150Hz and express this in the form of phase and magnitude. Calculate the current flowing in the network from the source and the individual currents flowing by the resisto

  • Q : Significance of Cogeneration

    Significance of Cogeneration: It decreases energy costs and green house gas emissions usually by upto two-third. In addition to decreasing in cost, cogeneration too rises resource utilization. It provides major economic and environmental facilities si

  • Q : Determining internal resistance of

    A battery is joined to a resistive load and a current of 10mA flows by the load along with a voltage drop across this of 10V. While the load resistance is increased by 10 percent the load voltage increases by 1 percent. Determine the internal resistance of the battery

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