Effect of decreases price ceiling on a good

A government decrease of the price ceiling upon a good will: (w) result in a decrease into the excess demand for the good. (x) result within an increase in the excess demand for the good. (y) lead to a greater quantity supplied. (z) cause a reduction within the supply of the good.

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  • Q : Goods and service problem The market

    The market system's answer to the fundamental question "Who will get the goods and services?" is essentially: 1) "Those willing and able to pay for them." 2) "Those who physically produced them." 3) "Those who most need them." 4) "Those who get utility from them."

  • Q : Problem on decrease in demand for goods

    For normal luxuries and goods, decreases in income tend to cause the: (i) Market prices to increase. (ii) Raises in quantities demanded. (iii) A reduction in demand for goods. (iv) Demand curves to shift to right.

    What is the right

  • Q : Define Ex-ante aggregate demand Define

    Define Ex-ante aggregate demand: This is planned or the desired aggregate demand.

  • Q : Least likely example of Substitution

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Assume that the War in Iraq spilled over into another oil exporting countries. When U.S. gasoline prices rose to, state, $10 per gallon, the least likely outcome would be that:

  • Q : Most efficient production technique of

    Refer to the given data give the answer of following question. In view of the indicated resource prices, the economically most efficient production technique(s) is (are) technique(s): A) #1. B) #2 and #4. C) #3. D) #1 and #3.

    Q : Quantity demanded of good What cause do

    What cause do heterodox economists employ to argue that the quantity demanded of good is a not a function of its price but of the family’s (consumer’s) income? And also discuss, For heterodox economists, household choice is not regarding maximizing utility

  • Q : Total variable cost Total variable cost

    Total variable cost:
    1. variable cost changes with the change in quantity. It increase or decrease as the output change.
    2. it is zero when output is zero
    3. Its curve is parallel to the curve of total cost.
    4. Example :- cost of r

  • Q : Limitation of economies capacity I have

    I have a problem in economics on Production Possibilities Frontiers. Please help me in determining the right answer from the following question. The economy’s capacity to generate/make is NOT limited by the: (i) Amount of resources accessible. (

  • Q : Problem onto public sector The word “

    The word “public sector” signifies to: (1) Stockholders and households. (2) Investors and Consumers. (3) Households and investors. (4) Democratic voting systems. (5) All actions of government.

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  • Q : Process of Screening Can someone help

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The principal who observes the qualifications of a potential agent prior to offering the agent a contract is engaging in the procedure of: (1) Signaling. (2) Finding out an efficient wage. (3)

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