Economists statement for sales to a change

When Serena Williams, Cindy Crawford, Hillary Clinton, Katy Couric, Jennifer Lopez, and Ashanti all start wearing Wal-Mart jeans at public appearances, economists would explain any resultant raise in Wal-Mart’s jean sales to the change in: (1) Expectations regarding prices and availability. (2) Numbers and ages of the buyers. (3) Prices of the related goods. (4) tastes and preferences.

Find out the right answer from the above options.

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    The demand curve which confronts a: (i) competitive industry is perfectly elastic. (ii) purely competitive firm is downward sloping. (iii) monopolistic firm is horizontal. (iv) monopolistic industry is upward-sloping. (v) firm along with market power

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    Factor market: It comprises of factors of production namely land, labor, capital and associations.

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    A monopolist can raise total revenue by increasing output when: (w) demand is elastic. (x) demand is inelastic. (y) demand is unitarily elastic. (z) supply is perfectly elastic.

    Can someone explain

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    Monopolistic competition is NOT described by: (1) P = MSC. (2) large numbers of sellers. (3) P = LRATC. (4) MR = MC. (5) differentiated products.

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