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Hello, Would you please find a project in managerial economic in the attachment. Please tell me in which price you will be solve it and when you complete it? NOTE: I attach tow files (one is the project and another as the sample for it) I choose Starbucks company for the project. A Special Note: You are required to write a research proposal before conducting your research project. The Project Proposal generally represents an agreement between a supervisor and student as to the viability of the proposed project. It requires the student to think very carefully about his/her intentions in conducting a project. 1. Proposed Title 2. The Logic/Rationale for the Particular Focus of the Study 3. The Overall Aim/Scope of the Project 4. Specific Research Objectives 5. The Background Literature to which the Project Relates 6. (Note: Key references should be highlighted) 7. Specific Questions/Problems that are the Focus of the Study 8. Research Methods/Techniques to be used 9. Analysis of Findings 10. Possible Conclusions that might be reached 11. Structure of the Project Document Regards,

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    Hello guys I want your advice. Please recommend some vie

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