economic growth

Why are democratic regimes more conducive to economic growth than dictatorship?

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  • Q : Problem on Allocative Mechanisms The

    The allocation method not paired with a suitable illustration would be: (1) Merit - awarding improved grades to the students who perform excellent on an exam. (2) Arbitrary selection - Congress activates a draft to safe soldiers to serve up in Iraq. (

  • Q : Social costs of producing goods The

    The absolute value of the slope of production possibilities frontier equivalents the: (i) Aggregate Supply curve. (ii) Net economic efficacy of the society. (iii) Aggregate Demand curve. (iv) Relative social costs of generating goods. (v) Rate of tech

  • Q : Efficiency and Allocative Mechanisms

    The XYZ Aviation Administration now needs airlines which overbook flights to secure the volunteers willing to give reserved seating by recompensing them to take a later flight with extra tickets or another incentive. Formerly, the airlines bumped the ticketed passenge

  • Q : Expanding the Diminishing Returns Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The law of diminishing returns refers to the rising: (1) Complexities encountered in expanding any activity continually. (2) Reductions in the costs from expanding big scale p

  • Q : Substantial unemployed capacity Lyndon

    Lyndon Johnson's assurances in the year 1964 that the U.S. could fight the Vietnam War devoid of decreasing civilian living standards or government social programs would be valid merely when our economy began from the position: (1) Of complete employment. (2) With sub

  • Q : Honesty and integrity in market

    The economic system which in theory depends relatively the least for its efficiency and in general success on honesty and integrity and humanitarianism of members of the economically and socially and most of the elite groups in the system are about ce

  • Q : Reduced form equations Which of the

    Which of the following econometric models are linear in parameters or variables (state if they are linear in both)? Explain briefly what kind of data transformation would be needed to estimate the parameters of these models. i) Yi = ?1 + ? 2 Xi 2+ ?3 Xi 3 + ui ii) Yi= ß1 + ß2 ln X + ui iii) Y

  • Q : Random Selection-Allocative Mechanisms

    I have a problem in economics on Random Selection-Allocative Mechanisms. Please help me in the following question. Choosing military draftees by lottery entails an allocative method of: (i) Egalitarianism. (ii) Arbitrary selection. (iii) Brute force.

  • Q : History of USSR market forces From the

    From the year1960s to the 1980s, the government of: (i) England employed socialistic imperialism to reclaim the former colonies. (ii) El Salvador and Nigeria were conquered by the communist revolutions. (iii) The US expanded regulation, whereas the USSR rousingly reli

  • Q : Alchemic method for transforming lead

    The good example of technological modification would be a discovery of: (i) Big vein of industrial-quality diamonds in the Korea. (ii) New form of sub-atomic particle. (iii) Alchemic method for really transforming lead into gold. (iv) Primeval ‘

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