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  • Q : Why Public or social goods not be

    Why Public or social goods not be produced through the market?

  • Q : Positive Balance of Payments Question:


    "Things will look good for the US if we could just get to where we are consistently running a positive Balance of Payments."
    Briefly comment on this

  • Q : Price charges of firm in perfectly

    Assume that the equilibrium price within a perfectly competitive industry is $15 and a firm into the industry charges $21 there. Which of the given will occur: w) the firm's profits will rise. x) The firm's revenue will rise. y) The firm will not sell

  • Q : Founder of modern economics The person

    The person along with, arguably, the top claim to the name “founder of modern economics”: (1) John Stuart Mill. (2) Karl Marx. (3) John Maynard Keynes. (4) Joan Robinson. (5) Adam Smith.

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  • Q : Elucidate facilitating factors that

    Elucidate facilitating factors that explain the growth of trade?

  • Q : Explain how an increase in state

    Use two market diagrams to explain how an increase in state subsidies to public colleges might affect tuition and enrollments in both public and private colleges.

  • Q : An Inquiry in the Nature and Causes The

    The first comprehensive work upon economics written within English was authored through Adam Smith in 1776 year and entitled that “An Inquiry within the Nature and Causes of: (1) Laws of Supply and Demand.” (2) Wealth of Nations.” (3

  • Q : Price competition My friend can't

    My friend can't succeed to get the answer of this question. Give me solution of this question. From a heterodox perspective, why does destructive price competition drive enterprises to set up market institutions which would abolish price competition?

  • Q : Illustrate the Risks involved with bonds

    Illustrate the Risks involved with bonds?

  • Q : Assertion to increase in the minimum

    Use the circular flow model to confirm this assertion for a $1 per hour increase in the minimum wage?