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  • Q : Maximizes profits in a perfectly

    Which of the given is not true for a firm within perfect competition: w) Profit equivalents total revenue minus total cost. x) Price equivalents average revenue. y) Average revenue is greater than marginal revenue. z) Marginal revenue equivalents the

  • Q : Who define economics as a subset of

    Economists who viewed economics like a subset of jurisprudence combined: (1) John Stuart Mill. (2) Alfred Marshall. (3) Karl Marx. (4) William Stanley Jevons. (5) Adam Smith.

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  • Q : Distribution of endowments 1. We have

    1. We have discussed the importance of resource endowments and institutions for an economy's successful development.

    a. In this game, what are the resources that make up the endowments, and what defines a given player's endowment o

  • Q : Nation’s production possibilities curve

    Suppose that, based on a nation’s production possibilities curve, for 10,000 pizzas domestically an economy must sacrifice to get the one additional industrial robot it desires, but can get that robot from another country in exchange for 9,000 pizzas. To the fol

  • Q : How demand is influenced by price

    Describe how the demand for a good is influenced by the price of its associated goods. Give illustrations.

  • Q : Distinction between Component cost and

    Describe briefly Distinction between the term Component cost and Composite cost?

  • Q : Describe the Promoting stability

    Describe the Promoting stability?

  • Q : Single seller not sell at a price lower

    An individual seller within perfect competition will not sell at a price lower than the market price since: w) demand for the product will exceed supply.  x) the seller would begin a price war. y) the seller can sell any quantity she desires at the prevailing mar

  • Q : What does high or low operating

    What does high or low operating leverage specify?

  • Q : Speculators activities over the long-run

    Over the long-run the speculators activities are tend to: (1) decrease the volatility of prices. (2) attract legal attention and result in imprisonment. (3) increase the level and volatility of prices both. (4) yield tremendous profits and raise costs

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