discuss everyday forms of peasant resistance in mughal india

discuss everyday forms of peasant resistance in mughal india

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  • Q : Random Selection-Allocative Mechanisms

    I have a problem in economics on Random Selection-Allocative Mechanisms. Please help me in the following question. Choosing military draftees by lottery entails an allocative method of: (i) Egalitarianism. (ii) Arbitrary selection. (iii) Brute force.

  • Q : Population groups-Growth and Development

    The normative propositions of economic growth are most significant if its advantages and costs are: (i) Similar with present income distributions. (ii) Distributed evenly among different population groups. (iii) Distributed unevenly among different po

  • Q : Reduced form equations Which of the

    Which of the following econometric models are linear in parameters or variables (state if they are linear in both)? Explain briefly what kind of data transformation would be needed to estimate the parameters of these models. i) Yi = ?1 + ? 2 Xi 2+ ?3 Xi 3 + ui ii) Yi= ß1 + ß2 ln X + ui iii) Y

  • Q : Pure capitalist economy-market system

    In a pure capitalist economy mainly based the market system, circular flow model describes that all the resources employed by all firms plus all other assets and products are eventually owned by: (i) Private Associations and corporations. (ii) Banks a

  • Q : Economic growth Why are democratic

    Why are democratic regimes more conducive to economic growth than dictatorship?

  • Q : Outward shift of production

    The raise in the quantity of labor for society shown would lead to: (1) An inward shift of the production possibilities frontier. (2) The movement all along the production possibilities frontier. (3) An increased opportunity cost for all the goods. (4

  • Q : Problem on Increasing Costs Can someone

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Since the output of food raises from zero to 40 in this completely employed economy, the opportunity cost of additional food: (1) Increases. (2) Is zero. (3) Drops. (4) Is con

  • Q : Distribution In the quintile

    In the quintile distribution of income, the term "quintile" represents?

  • Q : Allocative Mechanisms-Markets Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the accurate answer from the given options. Production which is most compatible with the consumer tastes and preferences is more probable whenever allocation is decided by: (1) Queuing. (2) Majority voting. (3) Indiv

  • Q : Division of labor advantages for workers

    The advantages from the division of labor are improved as workers: (1) Are protected by the barriers which limit the international trade. (2) Who each recognize all facets of production gain an enhanced understanding of the whole project. (3) Constant

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