discuss everyday forms of peasant resistance in mughal india

discuss everyday forms of peasant resistance in mughal india

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  • Q : Preferences among kinds of current goods

    The Society's production possibilities frontier would not be shifted by modifications in: (1) The production technology. (2) Quality of the resources available. (3) Amounts of resources accessible. (4) Preferences among kinds of current goods.

  • Q : Increasing Costs-Opportunity costs

    Since clothing output expands from 0 to 100, then the opportunity cost per unit of extra clothing: (i) Increases. (ii) is zero. (iii) Drops. (iv) Is constant.

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the a

  • Q : Honesty and integrity in market

    The economic system which in theory depends relatively the least for its efficiency and in general success on honesty and integrity and humanitarianism of members of the economically and socially and most of the elite groups in the system are about ce

  • Q : Substantial unemployed capacity Lyndon

    Lyndon Johnson's assurances in the year 1964 that the U.S. could fight the Vietnam War devoid of decreasing civilian living standards or government social programs would be valid merely when our economy began from the position: (1) Of complete employment. (2) With sub

  • Q : Illustration of the difference in

    In a current Wendy’s TV commercial, a police officer hands a driver a speeding ticket for $75. The response of driver is something to the consequence of as, “Oh gentleman! 75 crispy chicken nuggets!” The response of driver is mainly specific an illus

  • Q : Maximum output in absence of

    In the nonattendance of diminishing returns, the maximum output of food from the flower pot (or land) and limitless amounts of other resources would be sufficient to feed: (1) The grasshopper. (2) One skinny family. (3) One mouse. (4) All of the world.

    Q : Population groups-Growth and Development

    The normative propositions of economic growth are most significant if its advantages and costs are: (i) Similar with present income distributions. (ii) Distributed evenly among different population groups. (iii) Distributed unevenly among different po

  • Q : Consequence of division of labor Betsy

    Betsy possesses a cake decorating business, and working alone, she can make 10 wedding cakes a day. Though, whenever Betsy hired a helper, output enlarged to 30 wedding cakes daily. This raised output is most probable an outcome of: (1) Law of diminishing returns. (2)

  • Q : Allocative Mechanisms of market system

    Though all economies are mixed, the allocative mechanism relatively gaining more dominant utilization in most nations all over the globe throughout recent decades is: (1) Queuing. (2) The government. (3) Tradition. (4) Arbitrary selection. (5) The market system.

  • Q : Income Distribution-Distributing goods

    Distributing all the goods strictly according to people's requirements is likely to outcome in: (i) the requirements of decision makers receiving much high priority. (ii) Low levels of output since people contain few incentives to generate. (iii) A fe