discuss everyday forms of peasant resistance in mughal india

discuss everyday forms of peasant resistance in mughal india

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  • Q : Problem on suppliers or entrepreneurs

    The fundamental issue of how production will be systematized in a market economy is most directly and instantly recognized by: (i) Govt. officials. (ii) Economic fore-casters. (iii) Suppliers or entrepreneurs. (iv) Worker committees. (v) Consumers.

    Q : Reduced form equations Which of the

    Which of the following econometric models are linear in parameters or variables (state if they are linear in both)? Explain briefly what kind of data transformation would be needed to estimate the parameters of these models. i) Yi = ?1 + ? 2 Xi 2+ ?3 Xi 3 + ui ii) Yi= ß1 + ß2 ln X + ui iii) Y

  • Q : Circular Flow Model-People in households

    I have a problem in economics on Circular Flow Model-People in households. Please help me in the following question. In a simple circular flow model, the ‘owners’ of all the resources are classified as: (i) Employees. (ii) Entrepreneurs. (

  • Q : Mixture of market and command elements

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The modern U.S. economy: (i) Is an illustration of a pure market system. (ii) Is a mix of market and command element. (iii) Has evolved to a fundamental command system s (iv) Experienced littl

  • Q : Maximum output in absence of

    In the nonattendance of diminishing returns, the maximum output of food from the flower pot (or land) and limitless amounts of other resources would be sufficient to feed: (1) The grasshopper. (2) One skinny family. (3) One mouse. (4) All of the world.

    Q : Allocative Mechanisms of market system

    Though all economies are mixed, the allocative mechanism relatively gaining more dominant utilization in most nations all over the globe throughout recent decades is: (1) Queuing. (2) The government. (3) Tradition. (4) Arbitrary selection. (5) The market system.

  • Q : Suitability of resources for production

    The ‘law of rising costs’ as it applies to the production possibilities frontiers is best demonstrated by: (i) Various suitability of the resources for alternative kinds of production. (ii) Inverse relationships among the price and quantit

  • Q : Diminishing Returns for different kinds

    The Standard economic suppositions recommend that the production possibilities frontiers are concave from beneath [from origin] mainly because: (i) People desire additional units of a good less the more of good they encompass. (ii) The relative produc

  • Q : Econ 130 An increase in consumer desire

    An increase in consumer desire for strawberries is most likely to

  • Q : Effects of reduced production on Income

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Relative to the market system, allocation of resources and goods strictly according to requirements or to equivalent shares will most likely outcome in: (1) Decreased production. (2) Accelerat

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