Differentiation between casting and ceramic

What is the differentiation between plaster employed in gold investment casting and ceramic employed in the procedure of investment casting of automobile engine parts and turbine blades and so on? When both are employed in the lost-wax method?




In all-purpose, the plaster employed in gold investment casting is standard "plaster of Paris" (POP) or other such material it has a fine however inconsistent grain size and, for the major part, water based. The other parts you mentioned are basically a higher precision the casting material is of a fine however consistent grain, elevated temperature, hard, and not always water based. This is particularly significant for turbine blades as the material from that they are cast is more hard to fine finish than other metals and the exactitude is extremely significant due to the torque of rotation. It would be safe to say that the latter could be employed in place of the former however not the former in place of latter. Hope this is obliging.

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