Different types of the cast irons

Which different types of the cast irons are stronger? Is their strength better to steels?




Basically, steels are considered to have superior mechanical properties as well as the ductility. But, there are some sorts of cast irons like ductile iron that, in contrast to other sorts of cast irons, aren’t brittle. The strength of these ductile irons can be improved by controlling their matrix through an austempering heat treatment. This Austempered Ductile Irons (or ADI) has extremely good mechanical properties analogous to those of some grades of steel. But, keep in mind that in spitefulness of lower mechanical properties and being brittle, cast irons enfolds better fluidities and are cheaper than steels. Parenthetically, there are some special purpose white and gray irons, which are frequently employed for special applications like where resistance to the corrosion, wear, and heat is needed.

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