Different market segments for Hard Disks

Write down the different market segments for Hard Disks?




There are different sections for which the Hard Disks are accessible:

1) Desktops : They are the most ordinary form of hard disks. The Desktop Disks can be employed to keep data between 60 GB to 4 TB. They usually rotate at RPM`s between 5400 and 1000. The data transmit rates for them is around 0.5 Gbit/s

2) Mobile : The hard drives belonging to this section are lesser as compared to desktops. They have a lower ability and are generally slower. The standard size for such sections is around 2.5 inches.

3) Enterprise : These kinds of hard disks are generally shared between many systems and data is written and read at a very high-speed. They are known to rotate at around 10k to 15k RPM; as well these drives have the capability to reach chronological speeds of more than 1.6G bit/s.

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