Different layers in the cloud architecture

Describe the different layers which will describe the cloud architecture.




Cloud computing architecture consists of different layers that help it to be more organized and may be managed from one place. The layers are listed as follows:

a) Cloud controller or CLC is top most level in hierarchy that is utilized to maintain the virtualized resources such as servers, network and storage with user APIs.

b) Walrus is utilized for the storage and act as the storage controller in order to manage the demands of users. It maintains a scalable approach for controlling the virtual machine images and the user data.

c) Cluster Controller or CC is used to control all virtual machines for executions; the virtual machines are stored on the nodes and manage the virtual networking between the Virtual machines and the external users.

d) Storage Controller or SC offers a storage area in the block form which is dynamically attached by the Virtual machines.

e) Node Controller or NC is at the lowest level and offers the functionality of the hypervisor which regulates the VMs activities, that includes the execution, management and the termination of several instances.

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