Detecting sequence in signal line

Explain how to detect a sequence of ‘1101’ arriving serially from the signal line?

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    Cast: Where Java does not allow the utilization of a source value of one type, it is essential to use a cast to force the compiler to admit the use for the target type. The care must be taken with casting values of primitive types, as this frequently

  • Q : What is an Import statement Import

    Import statement: A statement which makes the names of one or more interfaces or classes accessible in a different package from the one in which they are stated. Import statements pursue any package declaration {package!declaration}, and precede any i

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    Give some examples of applications which can benefit from using XML?

  • Q : Define Byte Byte : In general

    Byte: In general computing, it refers to eight bits of data. In Java it is as well the name of one of the primitive data types, whose size is of eight bits.

  • Q : Define Byte code Byte code : Java

    Byte code: Java source files are converted by a compiler into bytecodes that is, the instruction set of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The Bytecodes are stored in the .class files.

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    Who is liable for XML?

  • Q : What is Bounded repetition Bounded

    Bounded repetition: The Repetition where statements within a loop's body are executed a fixed number of times and the number of times is established whenever the loop began. There is no control structure in Java which guarantees the bounded repetition

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    Define the term createWindow object?

    Answer: reateWindow() physically makes the Window in memory  based upon the earlier registered WND

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    Do loop: This is one of Java's three control structures employed for looping. The other two are the for loop and while loop. A do loop comprises of a loop body and a Boolean expression. The condition is tested subsequent to the loop body has been fini

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    Component 2 Task b: Task Description

    Computing students at this University who study on undergraduate courses require a method to view their module marks and to see how they are progressing on the module.

    You have been asked to develop a web

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