Describe Section 28.50

Section 28.50: It is a Control Section of the Budget Act which authorizes the Department of Finance to increase or reduce the reimbursement line of an appropriation schedule for the reimbursements received from agencies of other state. It too contains particular reporting necessities to the Legislature.

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  • Q : State Section 1.80 Section 1.80 : The

    Section 1.80: The section of Budget Act which comprises the periods of accessibility for Budget Act appropriations.

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    Describe depreciation expense as it seems on the income statement. 
    Accounting depreciation is the allocation of asset's primary cost over time. Depreciation cost on an income statement is the amount of the asset=s initial cost allocated to

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    Revolving Fund: Usually refers to a cash account termed as an office revolving fund (ORF). This is not a fund however an advance from an appropriation. The agencies might use the cash advance to pay out ORF checks for instant requirements, as specifie

  • Q : Define Appropriations Limit

    Appropriations Limit, State (SAL): The constitutional limit on the expansion of some appropriations from tax proceeds usually set to the level of the previous year's appropriation limit as adjusted for modifications in cost of living

  • Q : Define Schedule Schedule : The

    Schedule: The explanation of an appropriation in the Budget Bill or Act, exhibiting its distribution to each of the programs, categories, or therefore projects.


    The supplemen

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    Describe the term "present value of the firm's operations" (also known as Enterprise Value). What does this number expose?
    The current value of the company's free cash flows reveals the market value of the firm's core income generating operatio

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    Budget Cycle: The time period needed to made a state financial plan and enacts that part of it applying to the budget year. The Significant events in the cycle comprise:

    • The preparation of G

  • Q : Define Price Increase Price Increase :

    Price Increase: Budget adjustment to reflect the inflation factors for particular operating expenses constant with the budget instructions from the Department of Finance.

  • Q : Explain Category Transfer Category

    Category Transfer: It is a permitted transfer between categories or functions within the similar schedule of an appropriation. These transfers are currently authorized by Control Section 26.00 of the Budget Act (and proceeding to 1996-97, by Section 6

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    On a Lotto Canada ticket A person won $15 at the local 7-Eleven & decided to spend all the winnings money on bags of peanuts and candy bars. The cost of candy bars= $.75 and the cost of peanuts = $1.50.

    a. In general, how woul

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