Describe in brief Project 802

Describe in brief Project 802? Also write down its features.




It is a project started through IEEE to set standards to allow intercommunication among the equipment from a diversity of manufacturers.

This is a manner for specifying functions of the physical layer, the data link layer and to some extent the network layer to permit for interconnectivity of main LAN protocols.

It comprises of the given:

a) 802.1 is an internetworking standard for the compatibility of various LANs and MANs across protocols.

b) 802.2 Logical link control (LLC) is the upper sub layer of the data link layer that is non-architecture-specific, which remains similar for all IEEE-defined LANs.

c) MAC is the lower sub layer of the data link layer which comprises some distinct modules each carry proprietary information specific to the LAN product being employed. The modules are Ethernet LAN (802.3), Token ring LAN (802.4) and Token bus LAN (802.5).

d) 802.6 is the distributed queue dual bus (DQDB) designed to be employed in MANs.

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