demand of various vegetable

why demand change of onion in during one week due to change in it's price

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  • Q : Price elasticity of demand when

    When a $.10 hike within the prices per gallon decrease the quantity of unleaded gas sold with 1 million gallons daily, and the quantity of unleaded premium gas sold through 2 million gallons daily, then: (w) the demand for unleaded regular is fewer elastic than the de

  • Q : Functions of Profits and Losses The

    The functions of profits into a market economy do NOT comprise: (1) stimulation for firms to be innovative and efficient. (2) compensating savers for delays of consumption. (3) signaling changing business conditions. (4) inducing mimi

  • Q : Production falls and price of demand

    A candy factory generated 5.2 million packages of gummy worms in this year as well as sold them for $1.27 all. Last year this sold 4.7 million packages of gummy worms of $1.36 all. Such firm’s gummy worms have price elasticity of demand roughly

  • Q : Total revenue at level of sales and

    HoloIMAGine has patented a holographic technology which makes 3-D photography obtainable to consumers. The level of sales and production at that HoloIMAGine would take in its greatest probable total revenue is: (i) output q3

  • Q : Scarcity of good in market problem In

    In the market of papayas: (1) A scarcity exists at P2. (2) Papayas are a free good at P0. (3) Papayas are presently a scarce good. (4) Consumer’s demand prices equivalent P2 at quantity Q2. (5) Equilibrium price for papayas be P0.

    Q : Price below perfect competition Who

    Who decides price beneath perfect competition?

    Answer: Price under perfect competition is recognized by the forces of market demand and supply in business.

  • Q : Define primary deficit Primary deficit

    Primary deficit: Primary deficit is the difference among fiscal deficit and interest payments prepared by the government

    Primary deficit = Fiscal deficit – Interest payments

  • Q : Law of Supply in quantity supplied The

    The law of supply defines that higher prices cause rise in the: (i) Demand for good. (ii) Supply of the good. (iii) Quantity supplied. (iv) Gains of investors.

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the

  • Q : Most likely resources in short run I

    I have a problem in economics on most likely resources in short run. Please help me in the following question. The most probable of the given resources to be fixed for the farmer in short run would be: (1) Land. (2) Labor. (3) Fertilizer. (4) All the above would be of

  • Q : Illustration of a strategic barrier An

    An illustration of a strategic barrier would be a: (w) high-technology firm registering a patent on their newly-designed time machine. (x) law establishing the USPS as the only mail service in the United States. (y) set of costly advertising campaigns

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