demand forecasting

consumer's interview method for demand forecasting(point to point explain)

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  • Q : Resource markets in simple circular

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. In resource markets in a simple circular flow model, house-holds exchange their _________ for _________. (1) Resources | income. (2) Goods | profits. (3) Labor | goods. (4) Devotion | enlighte

  • Q : Nature and Scope of Economics Nature

    Nature and Scope of Economics:


    Economics is a social science that

  • Q : Surpluses in the balance of trade The

    The advocates of laissez-faire policies favor: (i) Govt. control of economy. (ii) Public ownership of all the resources. (iii) Income to be distributed according to requirement. (iv) Surpluses in the balance of trade. (v) Minimal govt. intervention in economy.

  • Q : Illustration of Absolute and Relative

    The price of KnickKnacks is $1 and the price of WigWags has increased with $2 to $3. Therefore:  (w) absolute price of KnickKnacks has decreased and the relative price of WigWags has increased. (x) relative and absolute prices of KnickKnacks have

  • Q : Micro economics and macro economics

    Micro economics and macro economics:

    Economic theory can be widely divided into micro and macroeconomics. The word micro means small and macro means big.

    In microeconomics, we deal

  • Q : In long-run equilibrium earning of zero

    When, in a perfectly competitive industry, where the market price facing a firm is above its average total cost on the output here marginal revenue equivalents marginal cost, in that

  • Q : Comparative advantage in production I

    I have a problem in economics on Comparative advantage in production. Please help me in the following question. The oranges are grown in Florida and potatoes are grown in Maine mainly since: (i) orange-grower’s in Maine have not lobbied effectiv

  • Q : Factors of production and the method

    Who owns the factors of production and the method used to coordinate economic activity?

  • Q : Freedom is to some extent illusory

    Illustrate “freedom is to some extent illusory”?

  • Q : Competition and the Invisible Hand

    Elucidate: Competition and the “Invisible Hand”?

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