demand curve

The law of demand is graphically demonstrated by:

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  • Q : Negative slope of market-Law of demand

    I have a problem in economics on Negative slope of market-Law of demand. Please help me in the following question. The negative slope of the market demand curves for normal goods areleast persuaded by: (i) Diminishing marginal utility.  (ii) Inco

  • Q : Attract aggressive competition by high

    There is substantial evidence which: (w) size alone protects modern corporations from competitive pressures. (x) big unions manipulate government more than big business does. (y) the marketplace serves business firms better than consumers. (z) high pr

  • Q : Minimum Supply Amounts of Resources

    Payments for a resource into excess of the minimum needed to supply specified amounts of the resource are termed as: (1) economic rents. (2) wage premiums. (3) excess profits. (4) surplus values. (5) capitalization.

    Q : Proprietorships and Partnerships The

    The advantage of a partnership is: (i) Its ease of organization as compared to the corporation. (ii) Its limited liability. (iii) Its capability to outlive the partner’s death. (iv) The lack of divergences.


  • Q : Amount of Tax of Initial Demand Assume

    Assume that D0 is the initial demand curve for land in this demonstrated figure, and a land tax at a rate of t is imposed. Trying by the landlord to pass the tax forward to the renter, which will cause the: (i) supply curve of housing to sh

  • Q : Expansion of increasing cost industries

    Expansion of the industry in increasing cost industries causes: (w) increases in each firm’s costs at every level of output. (x) decreases in each firm’s costs at every level of output. (y) all firms to suffer long-run economic losses. (z)

  • Q : Problem on Minimum Wage Sec. A :The

    Sec. A:The Bureau of Labor Statistics of a small state has asked you to analyze a minimum wage policy to support unskilled workers in the State’s local economy, which is still suffering from the effects of the recession.  Based on

  • Q : What is indifference curve Indifference

    Indifference curve: It demonstrates various combinations of two goods that provide identical level of satisfaction to the consumer.

  • Q : Maximum profit by equilibrium When a

    When a monopolist reaches equilibrium: (1) its profits are at a maximum. (2) price equals marginal cost. (3) average cost is at its minimum. (4) marginal cost is at a minimum.

    Can someone explain/help me with best solution about pr

  • Q : Monopsonist problem I have a problem in

    I have a problem in economics on Resources and Products Flow Model. Please help me in the following question. The firm which is the sole buyer of a specific good or resource is the: (i) Monopsonist. (ii) Conglomerate. (iii) Price discriminator. (iv) P

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