demand curve

The law of demand is graphically demonstrated by:

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  • Q : Price signalling reallocations in use

    An illustration of prices signalling desirable reallocations would happen while rising product demand leads to rising: (w) levels of investment during the economy. (x) employment of resources producing such good. (y) shifts of resources within other outputs. (z) quick

  • Q : Problem on organizing the business The

    The individual who wants to begin up a business, however who not want to risk in losing personal property if the business fails, must organizes the business as: (1) Sole proprietorship. (2) Partnership. (3) Corporation. (4) Unlimited partnership.

    Q : Power of monopsonist I have a problem

    I have a problem in economics on Power of monopsonist. Please help me in the given question. The firm which is the sole buyer of a specific good or resource is a: (i) Monopsonist. (ii) Plutocracy. (iii) Bilateral monopolist. (iv) Price discriminator.

  • Q : Decreasing price of Complementary Goods

    The increase in demand for tartar sauce would be a probable result of: (1) A reduction in the price of fish. (2) An raise in the price of tartar sauce. (3) A bumper crop of the tartar sauce. (4) A raise in the price of fish. (v) The reduction in price

  • Q : Characterized purely-competitive markets

    Purely-competitive markets are NOT characterized through: (i) substantial barriers to entry and exit. (ii) many small potential buyers. (iii) many small potential sellers. (iv) homogeneous products. (v) zero long-run economic profits.

    Q : Problem on Rate of Exploitation The

    The difference among the value of marginal product of the labor and average wage rate will tend to be maximum when a firm: (i) Joins significant market power in output market and monopsony power in the labor market, however does not wage discriminate. (ii) Is a pure c

  • Q : Opinion about kinked demand curve model

    George Stigler concluded which the kinked demand curve model is incorrect to the extent that this depends on: (w) marginal cost pricing. (x) pure competition. (y) interdependent decision making.  (z) sticky prices.

  • Q : Equilibrium price in setting minimum

    Setting a minimum price floor above the equilibrium price will: (w) raise the equilibrium price. (x) create excess demand at the minimum price. (y) create excess supply at the minimum price. (z) clear the market at the minimum price.<

  • Q : Which of the curves have constant price

    Which of the given curves have constant price elasticities: (1) A vertical demand curve [when one ever exists]. (2) A horizontal curve which is a demand curve which is identical with a horizontal supply curve. (3) A demand curve which is a rectangular

  • Q : Demand when oligopolistic firm

    When an oligopolistic firm increases its price, in that case the demand this faces will be: (1) more elastic if the other firms in the industry raise their prices. (2) less elastic when no other firms in the industry raise their prices. (3) more elast

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