demand curve

The law of demand is graphically demonstrated by:

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  • Q : Classification of firms Can someone

    Can someone please help me in finding out the precise answer from the following question. The summation of all the firms which produce a given product is categorized as: (1) Multinational. (2) An industry. (3) Cartel. (4) Monopoly. (5) Plant.

  • Q : Saving and the Supply by Interest Rate

    When the preference for current consumption over future consumption strengthens, in that case the: (w) interest rate rises. (x) interest rate falls. (y) present value of future income rises. (z) interest rate remains the same.


  • Q : Words of Johann H. von Thünen about

    The theory about land derives its value primarily by how much its location conserves on transaction costs is attributable to: (a) Johann H. von Thünen. (b) Adam Smith. (c) Richard Cantillon. (d) David Ricardo. (e) Reverend Thomas Robert (“B

  • Q : Profit maximization-output level in

    Profit maximization needs a purely competitive firm to manufacture at an output level where: (i) marginal revenue > marginal cost. (ii) marginal cost equals the competitive price. (iii) marginal cost is falling. (iv) marginal reven

  • Q : Question based on GDP In calculating

    In calculating the GDP national income accountants: A) treat inventory changes as an adjustment to personal consumption expenditures. B) ignore inventories because they do not represent final goods. C) subtract increases in inventories or add decreases in inventories.

  • Q : When Shortages occur Shortages take

    Shortages take place whenever the market price: (1) Most greatly surpasses the average person’s demand price. (2) Is above the usual seller’s supply price. (3) Equivalents production costs plus the maximum possible gain. (4) Lies beneath t

  • Q : Minor economic inefficiencies The minor

    The minor economic inefficiencies which monopolistically competitive firms may cause are as: (w) because of their inability to ever price discriminate. (x) a price which consumers pay for a greater range of slightly differentiated goods. (y) reflected

  • Q : Price of related goods-consequence on

    Price of related goods:

    a) Substitute goods – Whenever the price of substitute goods raises they become dearer whenever the price replaces goods falls they bec

  • Q : Economic concept of total costs I have

    I have a problem in economics on Economic concept of total costs. Please help me in the following question. The economic concept of total costs and the bookkeeper’s concept of net costs differ as economists: (1) Place a lower value on the psychi

  • Q : Constant price in economic rent

    Economic rent is: (1) determined by the supply side. (2) independent of the strength of demand. (3) received whenever owners receive a constant price for a resource that supply curve is upward sloping. (4) included in society's opportunity costs of pr

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