demand curve

The law of demand is graphically demonstrated by:

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  • Q : Marginal Utility-Consuming extra unit

    The satisfaction gained from consuming an additional unit of the good is: (1) Always diminishing. (2) Its marginal utility. (3) Objectively measurable. (4) Equivalent to one util.

    Choose the right answer from the above options.

  • Q : Multimarket Monopoly A monopolist

    A monopolist operates in two separated markets. The inverse demand functions ofthose markets are given by      and      where   arethe quantities supplied to these markets, respectively. The total cost function facedby the monopolist is &nbs

  • Q : Market demands for automobiles The

    The market demands for automobiles are not rapidly and directly influenced by modifications in: (i) Income. (ii) Gasoline prices. (iii) Salaries paid to auto-workers. (iv) The number of legal drivers. (v) Preferences and tastes.

    Q : Choosing a statistical Model Choosing a

    Choosing a statistical Model: A number of problems arise in determining whether the work is truly rigorous or not.

    It is important to determine whether the model chosen makes theoretical and intuitive sense.


  • Q : Maximum legal prices on resources or

    Please help me to solve the problem of economic that is given below.

    Maximum legal prices upon resources or goods are: (w) floors. (x) wedges. (y) disinflation. (z) ceilings.

    Q : Demand curve for Complementary Goods

    The ban on assault weapons enacted in the year 1994 lapsed in the year 2004. Prices for assault weapons fell in year 2004 since the only way to get such guns throughout the ban was via the black market. This modify in the law in year 2004 is most probable to shift the

  • Q : Graphical shift of supply curve When

    When market supply and demand curves for Velcro shoelaces were projected into a screen at the front of this room, a raise in the supply of Velcro shoelaces would be illustrated graphically by a shift of supply curve: (1) Towards the center of Earth. (2) To the left. (

  • Q : Define straight line of supply curve

    When a supply curve is a straight line start from the origin, in that case supply is: (i) relatively elastic for all prices and quantities. (ii) relatively inelastic for all prices and quantities. (iii) unitarily elastic for all prices and quantities.

  • Q : Free products Select the right answer

    Select the right answer of the question .Free products offered by firms :1) may or may not be free to society, but are never free to individuals. 2) may or may not be free to individuals, but are never free to society. 3) are poduced and distributed at no cost to soci

  • Q : Demand of various vegetable why demand

    why demand change of onion in during one week due to change in it's price

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