demand curve

The law of demand is graphically demonstrated by:

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  • Q : Holding less liquid assets in investment

    When households become more willing to hold less liquid assets, in that case the: (w) interest rate rises. (x) present value of future income falls. (y) interest rate falls. (z) stock market will crash.

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  • Q : When did marginal utility diminished

    The marginal utility most obviously diminished whenever: (1) Eric sang six songs rather than only one on karaoke night at local club. (2) Molly’s piano lessons absorbed 20 hrs last week she could have used up for studying. (3) Karen built 12 boxes however only 9

  • Q : Economic project Hello, Would you

    Hello, Would you please find a project in managerial economic in the attachment. Please tell me in which price you will be solve it and when you complete it? NOTE: I attach tow files (one is the project and another as the sample for it) I choose Starbucks company for the project. A Special N

  • Q : Long-Run Adjustments Since longer time

    Since longer time periods are considered and a bigger range of adjustments (or substitutions) become accessible, demand curves tend to become: (i) Flatter, whereas supply curves become steeper. (ii) Steeper whereas supply curves become flatter. (iii) Flatter, and ther

  • Q : Annual total revenue of production When

    When Prohibition Corporation maximizes profit in its production of St. Valentine’s Day software, so annual total revenue of it will be around: (1) $140 million. (2) $250 million. (3) $320 million. (4) $420 million. (5) $1 billio

  • Q : Spread of wage information The

    The Employers frequently discourage the spread of wage information since they fear that: (i) Lower salaried workers might use the information to negotiate the raises. (ii) Firms honor employee’s privacy only when secrecy is reciprocated. (iii) Unions try to orga

  • Q : Purchasing low selling high Purchasing

    Purchasing low in one market and concurrently selling at a high price in another is NOT a mechanism which: (i) Rises supply in the low-price market. (ii) Risklessly produces profits. (iii) Is termed as arbitrage. (iv) Decreases price differentials among markets. (e) I

  • Q : Question based on poverty rate Select

    Select the right ans wer of the question. Which of the following would we expect to contain the highest poverty rate? A) white households headed by males B) elderly white households C) white households headed by females D) African-American households headed by femal

  • Q : Economists conceive of any resource

    Economists can’t conceive of any resource or product for which the: (i) Price elasticity of demand is zero (0) and the demand curve is vertical. (ii) Price elasticity of supply is zero (0) and supply curve is vertical. (iii) Income elasticity of

  • Q : Maturity on a consol bond or perpetuity

    The yield to maturity on a consol bond or perpetuity which pays $200 annually and sells for $1000 is: (w) 5 percent. (x) 10 percent. (y) 20 percent. (z) 25 percent.

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