demand curve

The law of demand is graphically demonstrated by:

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  • Q : Human Capital-Specific Training Can

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The costs of investing human capital are most probable to be borne by the employer if the human capital is as: (1) General. (2) Marginal. (3) Generic. (4) Precise. (5) Specific.

  • Q : Exit from a competitive industry Exit

    Exit from a competitive industry will carry on till economic: (w) losses are driven to zero. (x) profits precisely offset accounting losses. (y) profit exceeds accounting profit. (z) resources have minimum incomes.

  • Q : Market Demand versus Individual Demand

    What is the difference between Market Demand and Individual Demand?

  • Q : Wage Rates and Marginal Resource Costs

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. When a firm is the price taker in labor market and the salary is $80 per day, then the marginal resource cost incurred if hiring 20 more workers per day is as: (i) $1600. (ii) $

  • Q : Normal accounting returns to investment

    Pure economic profits do not arise due to: (w) monopoly power. (x) capital owners’ receipts of normal accounting returns to investment. (y) risk and uncertainty. (z) entrepreneurial innovation.

    How can I solv

  • Q : Natural barriers to entry A monopoly

    A monopoly may emerge naturally while: (w) increasing costs happen quickly relative to market demand. (x) at low levels of output, disutilities of scale are encountered. (y) economies of scale are substantial relative to market demand. (z) variable co

  • Q : Problem on marginal resource cost Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options.

    Despite of the market structures, the firms maximize gain by hiring labor where the: (i) Marginal revenue product = marginal resource cost. (ii) Marginal r

  • Q : Monopsony Power- Labors Immobility I

    I have a problem in economics on Monopsony Power and Immobility of Labor. Please help me in the given question. The immobility of labor is economically significant as: (w) Most of the people like to move, however can't. (x) People in high salary occupations won't be c

  • Q : Define utility Utility : The wants

    Utility: The wants satisfying power of a commodity is termed as utility.

  • Q : Maximum legal prices on resources or

    Please help me to solve the problem of economic that is given below.

    Maximum legal prices upon resources or goods are: (w) floors. (x) wedges. (y) disinflation. (z) ceilings.

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