Define Unicode

Unicode: It is a 16-bit character set designed to make it simpler to exchange and exhibit information which makes use of a broad range of dissimilar languages and symbols.

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  • Q : Define Encapsulation Encapsulation :

    Encapsulation: Safeguarding the state of objects by stating its attributes as private and channeling entrance to them via accessor and mutator techniques.

  • Q : Type promotion rule Q. Explain type

    Q. Explain type conversion rules for basic data types in java.

    Ans. Type promotion rule: Java automatically each bits or short operant to int when evaluating an expression. As usual as the automatic promotion

  • Q : Use of setjmp and longjmp Use of

    Use of setjmp() and longjmp(): In C/C++, setjmp() saves the contents of the registers at a particular state in the program and longjmp() will restore that state later. In this way, longjmp() “returns” to the state of the program when setjm

  • Q : Explain Swing Swing : The Swing classes

    Swing: The Swing classes are portion of a wider collection termed as the Java Foundation Classes (abbreviated as JFC). The swing classes are stated in the javax.swing packages. They give a further set of components which extend the capabilities of Abs

  • Q : What is Binary operator Binary operator

    Binary operator: It is an operator taking two operands. Java has numerous binary operators, like the arithmetic operators +, -, *, / and %, and the Boolean operators &&, || and ^, among others.

  • Q : Illustrates database connection pooling

    Illustrates database connection pooling which is relative to MTS.

    Answer: This permits MTS to reuse database connections. Pooling of database connections are put to

  • Q : Active Server Pages Briefly describe

    Briefly describe how Active Server Pages work. How, when, and where they are used.

  • Q : Explain way to communicate server with

    Explain the way to communicate server with more than one client.

  • Q : Embedding C Code-Promela Embedding C

    Embedding C Code: Promela supports the use of embedded C code fragments inside the models through the use of the c_code primitive.

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    Q : How virtual machine simplify writing

    How does a virtual machine simplify the task of writing a distributed application?

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