Define the term year of Completion

Year of Completion (YOC): This is the last fiscal year for which the appropriation is accessible for encumbrance or expenditure.

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  • Q : Define Limited-Term Position

    Limited-Term Position (LT): Any place that has been authorized only for a particular length of time with a set termination date.

    Limited-term positions might be authorized throughout the budget procedure or in transactions approved by the D

  • Q : What is Indirect Costs Indirect Costs :

    Indirect Costs: The costs which by their nature can’t be readily related with a particular organization unit or program. Similar to general administrative expenses, indirect costs are dispersed to the organizational unit(s) or programs that bene

  • Q : What is Recall and Redemption What is

    What is Recall and Redemption:

    Recall: The power of electors to eliminate an elected officer.

    Redemption: This is the act of redeeming a bond or other security by issuing an agency.

  • Q : What is an Initiative Initiative : The

    Initiative: The power of electors to propose statutes or Constitutional amendments and to accept or reject them. An initiative should be limited to a single subject and be filed with the Secretary of State with the suitable number of voter signatures

  • Q : Why too little debt is as unwanted as

    If an optimal capital structure exists, describe reasons why too little debt is as unwanted as is too much debt?
    Too little debt may be as unwanted as too much debt since if a firm contains a very conservative capital structures it may be losing

  • Q : Explain computing of payback period How

    How do we compute the payback period for proposed capital budgeting project? What are the basic criticisms of the payback method?
    We compute the payback period for proposed project through adding a project's positive cash flows, one period at t

  • Q : What is Policy Adjustments Policy

    Policy Adjustments: The changes to existing law or Administration policies. Such adjustments need action by the Governor and/or Legislature and change the workload budget.

  • Q : Define Senate Senate : The higher house

    Senate: The higher house of California’s Legislature comprising of 40 members. As an outcome of Proposition 140 (that is, 1990, term limits) and Proposition 28 (that is, 2012, limits on Legislators’ terms in office), members chosen in or a

  • Q : What is Administration Administration :

    Administration: It refers to the Governor's Office and those individuals, subdivisions, and offices reporting to it (example, the Department of Finance).

  • Q : Domestic opportunity cost of production

    Hypothetical production possibilities tables for New Zealand and Spain are given below

    639_Hypothetical production possibilities.png

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