Define the term Identifier

Define the term Identifier: It is a programmer-defined name for a method, variable, class and interface.

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    Scalability of program model checkers such as JPF encompasses two aspects:

    • How large a program can be model checked, and
    • Once a defect has been detected, how readily meaningful debugging informati

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    LURCH (Menzies et al. 2004) uses random search to explore a state machine’s state space. Because the search is random, it gives no guarantee that the state space has been exhaustively explored, so LURCH cannot be used for verification. However,

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    Aggregation: It is a relationship in which an object has one or more other subordinate objects as portion of its state. The subordinate objects usually have no self-governing existence separate from their containing object. Whenever the containing obj

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    TCP endpoint: It is the combination of an IP address and Transmission Control Protocol (abbreviated as TCP) port number.

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    Swing: The Swing classes are portion of a wider collection termed as the Java Foundation Classes (abbreviated as JFC). The swing classes are stated in the javax.swing packages. They give a further set of components which extend the capabilities of Abs

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    Define the term Local inner class and Local variable:

    Local inner class: It is an inner class stated in a method.

    Local variable:
    It is a variable defined within

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