Define product market

Product market: It comprises of final services and goods.

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  • Q : Efficiency Wages problem The employees

    The employees at times pose principal-agent problems for the firm’s owners in the deficiency of constant monitoring. Such problems are most probable to be lessened when a firm adopts the policy of: (1) dynamically opposing the attempts to unionize. (2) Paying em

  • Q : Price elasticity of demand relatively

    The transfer of wealth from industrialized countries to oil exporting countries (OPEC) which followed skyrocketing oil prices within the 1970 year indicates such that the price elasticity of demand for oil: (w) relatively low. (x) relatively high. (y)

  • Q : Elucidate the merits of mixed economy

    Elucidate the merits of mixed economy system?

  • Q : When is marginal costs equivalent to

    A purely competitive firm adjusts production therefore its marginal costs equivalent the market price, thus: (w) minimizing losses or maximizing profit. (x) ensuring that total costs do not exceed total revenue. (y) surviving the shor

  • Q : Uy what is basic objects of bretton

    what is basic objects of bretton woods?

  • Q : Question based on poverty rate Select

    Select the right ans wer of the question. Which of the following would we expect to contain the highest poverty rate? A) white households headed by males B) elderly white households C) white households headed by females D) African-American households headed by femal

  • Q : NOT cartelized product in market power

    Products which have NOT been cartelized comprise: (w) oil. (x) bananas. (y) sugar. (z) wheat.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regarding Economics generally?

  • Q : Long-run equilibrium price paid Pure

    Pure competitors in a long-run equilibrium are paid a price which: (i) allows recovery of any previous operating losses. (ii) equals MC although exceeds average cost. (iii) maximizes average revenue minus average cost. (iv) equals maximum long run ave

  • Q : Negative externalities Give the answer

    Give the answer of following question. Negative externalities arise: A) when firms pay more than the opportunity cost of resources. B) when the demand curve for a product is located too far to the left. C) when firms "use" resources without being compelled to pay for

  • Q : Illustration of zero Consumer Surpluses

    Clark pays $99.95 for the latest fishing rod. When Clark was willing to pay just a maximum of $99.95 for that fishing rod, his consumer surplus equivalents: (1) zero. (2) Clark would not be willing to buy the fishing rod at $99.95. (3) $99.95. (4) Clark would be bette

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