Define equilibrium price

Equilibrium price: The Equilibrium price refers to a price at which the market demand and market supply are equivalent.

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    Economic rents which can be capitalized are least possible to arise by: (1) production cost advantages. (2) proprietary knowledge. (3) being first to market a differentiable new product or to innovate a new production technology. (4) a vigorously comp

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    When do we state that there is an excess supply for the commodity in market?

    Answer: If at a given price the quantity supplied of a product surpasses its quantity d

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    When a successful cartel which cannot price discriminate maximizes the joint profits of its members: (1) the marginal social benefits of additional output exceed the marginal social costs of output. (2) this is impossible for any consumer to gain with

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    Purely competitive firms will experience economic profit, in a short-run equilibrium which is: (w) zero. (x) positive. (y) negative. (z) negative, zero, or positive are all possibilities.

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