Define Continuous simulation

Continuous simulation: In a continuous simulation, the time ticks past at a regular rate which is applicable to the specific simulation scenario. At each and every tick, all the objects in the simulation are informed of the passage of time and updated for that reason.

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  • Q : Define Single line comment Single line

    Single line comment: A comment is in the form:

        // this line will be avoided by the compiler.

  • Q : Explain Conditional operator

    Conditional operator: It is an operator taking three operands that is, a ternary operator. The conditional operator (?:) is employed in the form

    bexpr ? expr1 : expr2

    Q : Define the term Protected statement

    Define the term Protected statement: It is a statement within the try clause of the try statement.

  • Q : What is an Assembly language Assembly

    Assembly language: This is a symbolic language closely analogous to the instruction set of a Central Processing Unit. The program employed to translate a program written in assembly language is termed an assembler.

  • Q : What is Shallow copy Shallow copy : It

    Shallow copy: It is a copy of an object in which copies of each and every object's sub-components are not as well made. For example, a shallow copy of an array of objects would outcome in two separate array objects, each having references to similar s

  • Q : Problem on COBOL source code errors

    There are many errors in the following COBOL source code. Identify the errors and rewrite the program so that it contains no errors:
    IDENTIFICATION DIVISION   (Full stop required)

  • Q : Define Case sensitive Case sensitive :

    Case sensitive: The test which is sensitive to whether a character is in upper-case (example, 'A') or lower-case (example, 'a').

  • Q : Explain Copy constructor Copy

    Copy constructor: It is a constructor which takes a single argument of similar class. For illustration:

        public class Point {

  • Q : Explain the Automated Software testing

    Explain the Automated Software testing life cycle.

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