Data Capture Activity

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  • Q : Using the baboon image Using the baboon

    Using the baboon image, perform the following DFT related tasks:

    a) Find the 2-D Fourier Transform of the image and plot its magnitude as a 2-D function.

    b) Try to reconstruct the image from the magnitude function of its DFT. What problems did you encounter?

    c) Try to reco

  • Q : Define Aging Aging : It is a method to

    Aging: It is a method to avoid starvation in a scheduling system. It functions by adding up an aging factor to the precedence of each and every request. The aging factor should raise the request’s precedence as time passes and should make sure t

  • Q : Define Weak Preservation Weak

    Weak Preservation: An abstraction of a concrete system is weakly preserving if a set of properties true in the abstract system encompass corresponding properties in the concrete system which are also true.

  • Q : User-Guided Searches in heuristics

    User-Guided Searches: Traditionally heuristics are often problem-specific. Structural heuristics and property-specific heuristics of general utility are provided as built-in features of model checkers such as JPF, but it is often essential to allow us

  • Q : Future of satellites FUTURE OF

    FUTURE OF SATELLITES: Future of the satellites is very sounding but one have to wonder how these big giant machines will work and how these will perform all I understand is that the new upcoming satellites will work in a pattern similar to PC technolo

  • Q : Property Specification in SPIN Property

    Property Specification in SPIN: SPIN allows specification of assertions, which check a predicate of a state at a point in an execution, and also allows for specification of progress properties (e.g., no starvation) by allowing statements to be labeled

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