cross-elasticity of demand

Interpret the following Cross-Price Elasticities of Demand (XED) and explain the relationship between these goods. (3 marks total, 1.5 marks per part) XED= + 0.64 and XED= -2.6

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  • Q : Competitive firm shuts down in short run

    A competitive firm shuts down within the short run when: (w) this suffers a loss. (x) normal profit = 0. (y) ATC > P. (z) the minimum AVC > P.

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  • Q : Features of monopolistic competition

    Why Features of monopolistic competition is monopolist in nature?


    (a) Control over price
    (b) Downward sloping demand curve

  • Q : Estimation of total revenue in specific

    Total revenue can be measured such as area: (1) 0bcq1. (2) 0adq2. (3) 0Peq2. (4) aPed. (5) None of the above.

    Q : Needs of Investments Investments

    Investments require: (w) current outlays, and yield current returns. (x) current outlays, and yield future returns. (y) future outlays, and yield current returns. (z) future outlays, and yield future returns.


  • Q : Short run operations of a

    This figure in below is demonstrates the operations of a profit-maximizing pure competitor into the: (1) market period. (2) short run. (3) long run. (4) super long run since this can alter technology. (5) shutdown range of production.

    Q : Maximizing profit by hiring labor The

    The firm maximizes profit by hiring the labor at a point where labor’s: (i) Marginal physical product equal its average physical product. (ii) Marginal revenue product equivalents its marginal resource cost. (iii) Rate of exploitation is maximum. (iv) Wage rate

  • Q : Prohibition in financial intermediaries

    Financial intermediaries are not: (1) channels linking parties who want to save to parties who want to invest. (2) restricted to serving primarily large savers and investors. (3) more significant in determining the U.S. money supply than all are produ

  • Q : Quantity Equilibrium I have the

    I have the quantity functions of demand and supply for two different goods, and I have to find the equilibrium of both the goods. Would I make all four functions equal to each other to find the equilibrium for the two goods? Or am I supposed to do something else?

  • Q : Additional Funds for Breaking Invention

    If Bank of America helps link an inventor in require of additional funds to develop a ground breaking invention along with a retired school teacher along with excess savings, in that case they are performing: (1) love connections. (2) financial interm

  • Q : Strikes and Lockouts Can someone please

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The outcomes of strikes do not comprise: (i) Losses of the perishable products. (ii) Shipping delays. (iii) Decreased production costs. (iv) Shortages.

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