cross-elasticity of demand

Interpret the following Cross-Price Elasticities of Demand (XED) and explain the relationship between these goods. (3 marks total, 1.5 marks per part) XED= + 0.64 and XED= -2.6

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  • Q : Increases in market demand and resource

    If increases in market demand cause resource prices to raise, that resulting in higher average as well as marginal costs, an industry is: (i) experiencing diseconomies of scale. (ii) unprofitable in the long run. (iii) probably a natu

  • Q : Compute price elasticity At price of

    At price of Rs. 20 the unit quantity demanded is 300 units. Its price downs by 10% its quantity demanded rises by 60 units. Compute price elasticity.



  • Q : Change in relative price I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Change in relative price. Please help me in the following question. The Substitution takes place all along a demand curve when there is a: (1) Rapid shortage of a required product. (2) Increase in the common price level. (3) Change in

  • Q : Instance of Implicit Costs Can someone

    Can someone help me in finding out the most right answer from the given options. The instance of an implicit cost would be: (i) Salaries paid to the employees. (ii) Payments for repairs on the company-owned machine. (iii) Rent paid on building company utilizations. (i

  • Q : Spending pattern for maximizing utility

    The consumer maximizes utility if spending patterns cause: (1) Level of net utility to increase each time purchases are modified. (2) Marginal utilities of each and every good consumed to be equivalent. (3) Principle of corresponding marginal utilities per dollar to b

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    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The supply curve reveals the highest: (i) Stock on hand in inventory. (ii) Gains a firm makes by selling varying quantity of a good. (iii) Quantity of a good which sellers will offer at differ

  • Q : Price equality to marginal costs A

    A nondiscriminating monopolist's equilibrium output is inconsistent along with: (w) marginal revenue equals marginal cost [MR = MC]. (x) price equal to marginal costs [P = MC]. (y) price exceeding average variable costs [P > AVC]. (z) price exceedi

  • Q : Problem on Profit Maximization in Labor

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. In the marginality, profit-maximizing model of firm, a firm which can’t wage discriminate maximizes profit if labor is hired at a point where: (1) Price = MFC. (2) MRP = VMP. (3) MRP = M

  • Q : Occurrence of disagreements between

    Disagreements between economists occur most commonly within the area of: (1) microeconomic theory. (2) normative aspects of economic policy. (3) positive statements. (4) "common sense." (5) mathematical economics.

    I need your point

  • Q : Sum of Monopolistic Exploitation Sum of

    Sum of the monopolistic exploitation across all workers tends to rise however a firm as well functions at a more socially and economically proficient level of output and employment whenever the firm is capable to engage in: (1) Blacklisting in its dea

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