Creating externalities to spread costs of various activities

In efforts to offset specific failures of the private sector, government policy within a mixed-capitalist economy would be least reasonably intended at an objective of: (1) creating externalities to spread the costs of various activities across all members of society. (2) redistributing income and wealth more equitably. (3) giving for public goods and wants like national defence. (4) promoting competition and regulating firms to ignore problems related with asymmetric information. (5) stabilizing the price level and facilitating maximum income and employment.

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    The word ‘marginal resource costs’ or ‘marginal factor costs’ signifies to the: (1) Additional cost included in generating an additional resource. (2) Additional cost included in generating an additional unit of the resource. (3) Additional cos

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    Purely competitive equilibrium, in long-run firms normally experience positive accounting profit and economic profit which is: (w) also positive, but smaller. (x) zero. (y) negative, but barely that why. (z) either positive, zero, or negative.

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    All firms will shut down when the average expected revenue by selling output fails to exceed expected: (w) average total cost. (x) marginal cost. (y) average fixed cost. (z) average variable costs.

    I need a good an

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    Marginal revenue: This is the change in total revenue by selling one more or a lesser amount of unit of commodity.

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