Core elements of Windows Azure

State the three core elements of the Windows Azure.




Windows Azure has three core elements:

a) Compute,

b) Storage and

c) Fabric.

a) Compute: It offers a computation environment having a Web Role, Worker Role, and VM Role.

b) Storage: It focuses on offering the scalable storage (Blobs, non-relational Tables, and Queues) for large-scale requirements. Relational Database functionality is provided through the SQL Azure that is a scalable version of the SQL Server which runs on the Azure platform

c) Fabric: Fabric or Windows Azure Fabric creates the physical underpinnings of Windows Azure platform since network of the interconnected nodes comprising of the servers, high-speed connections, and switches. Conceptually, repetitive pattern of the nodes and connections suggests a woven or fabric-like nature. Compute and the Storage elements are part of the Fabric.

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