Consumer behaviour

Please, describe me what lexicographic is and its application also.

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  • Q : Elasticity of demand changes with price

    Calculating the price elasticity of demand for DVD games for a price variation from $50 to zero in such demand curve is: (w) 0. (x) infinity. (y) mostly meaningless since elasticity changes continuously over such range. (z) 1.5.

    Q : Economic Efficiency in Financial

    Financial institutions make possible economic efficiency primarily since: (w) laissez faire markets handle asymmetric information poorly. (x) corporate ownership must be stabilized. (y) they channel funds from agents along with surplu

  • Q : Constant price elasticity plausible for

    Constant price elasticity equivalent to one for socket sets would be mainly plausible for demand curve as: (1) D1D1. (2) D2D2.  (3) D3D3. (4) D4D4. (5) D

  • Q : When is Price Ceiling not create

    Price ceilings do NOT create pressures for: (w) shortages of price controlled goods. (x) black markets, queuing, or sales by favoritism. (y) opportunity costs to be lower than or else. (z) transactions at monetary prices below the equilibrium price.

  • Q : Operating competitors with market power

    A firm operating along with a lot of competitors but that still has some control over price is a: (i) pure quantity adjuster. (ii) member of an oligopoly. (iii) purely competitive firm. (iv) firm with some market power. (v) cartel.

  • Q : Attribute Demand Curve for Bonds A

    A demand curve for bonds moving to the right is probably to be attributable to: (w) a business cycle recession. (x) lower expected (future) interest rates. (y) an increase into the expected rate of inflation. (z) an increase in the liquidity of altern

  • Q : Long run adjustments The resources of a

    The resources of a firm in the long run which has consistently suffered economic losses are probably to: (i) move into a more profitable industry. (ii) share losses equal to the firm’s fixed costs. (iii) be merged into a firm along with better m

  • Q : Equilibrium moves market reduce in

    When equilibrium moves from point a to point b, the simple market experiencing a reduce in supply is demonstrated within: (w) Panel A. (x) Panel B. (y) Panel C. (z) Panel D.

    Q : Problem regarding to price ceilings and

    Persistent shortages of a good are mostly all the time attributable to: (w) legal ceiling prices that are set below equilibrium. (x) recessions that yield high unemployment rates. (y) price gouging by firms with monopoly power. (z) legal price floors

  • Q : Explain about term market failure The

    The phrase "market failure" refers to: (w) the failure of market economies to deal with social problems. (x) the Stock Market Crash of 1929. (y) cases where supplies and demands within private markets yield inefficiency, excessive or inequity instabil

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