Consumer behaviour

Please, describe me what lexicographic is and its application also.

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  • Q : Long run economic profits at entry

    Unlike firms within pure competition, several unregulated monopolistic firms can potentially: (w) reap long run economic profits when entry barriers prevent competition. (x) generate only normal profits in the long run. (y) sustain consistent economic

  • Q : Unitary price elasticity of demand curve

    HoloIMAGine has patented a holographic technology which makes 3-D photography obtainable to consumers. So the demand curve facing HoloIMAGine has unitary price elasticity at: (i) output q1. (ii) output q3. (iii) output q4

  • Q : Problem regarding to trade restrictions

    When the U.S. imposes quotas which restrict imports of textiles from China, this decrease the: (w) demand for textiles within the U.S. (x) supply of Chinese textiles to Europeans. (y) supply of textiles in the U.S. (z) incomes of U.S. textile makers.

    Q : Arising Economic Discrimination

    Economic discrimination occurs while: (1) economic rents are received by resource suppliers. (2) wages are proportional to workers’ differing productive contributions. (3) household incomes differ because of different resource ownership. (4) pur

  • Q : Barriers prevent entry in monopoly

    Monopolists are more probable to generate economic profits within the long run than are pure competitors since: (w) monopolists are crooks. (x) monopolists are more interested in profits. (y) barriers prevent entry by new firms in a m

  • Q : Attract aggressive competition by high

    There is substantial evidence which: (w) size alone protects modern corporations from competitive pressures. (x) big unions manipulate government more than big business does. (y) the marketplace serves business firms better than consumers. (z) high pr

  • Q : Purpose of shortages of price in price

    Price ceilings tend to purpose of: (a) opportunity costs to decline. (b) monetary prices to rise legally. (c) shortages of price controlled goods. (d) black markets to disappear. (e) surpluses of goods at inflated prices.

    Q : Pure competition market A purely

    A purely competitive market would NOT be illustrated by: (1) many potential buyers and sellers. (2) each buyer or seller being a price taker. (3) an absence of long-run barriers to entry or exit. (4) aggressive advertising to compare brands. (5) a sin

  • Q : Marginal revenue-product of the labor

    The monopsonist will hire labor till labor's marginal resource cost equivalents the: (p) The value of average product of labor. (q) Price of labor. (r) Marginal revenue product of labor. (s) Marginal physical product.

    Choose the ri

  • Q : Problem on Monopolistic Competition

    When fifty fast-food restaurants belonging to fourteen various chains are strung along an eight mile stretch of highway, it is an illustration of: (1) a primitive cartel. (2) pure competition. (3) monopolistic competition. (4) an oligopoly.

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