Condition to being a free good

Which of the given probably comes closest to make a free good: (1) Unexpected warmth through the sun within Chicago in January. (2) A hot school lunch given for a needy student. (3) A microwave pizza bought along with food stamps. (4) Income earned through picking up aluminum cans within your spare time. (5) A home entertainment system you won for being SouthWest Airlines’ ten millionth passengers.

Can someone explain/help me with best solution about problem of economic...

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  • Q : Society based on pure capitalism Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. In a society, based on pure capitalism, the government: (i) Is completely needless, as anarchy is ideal. (ii) Specifies the production and distribution plans in detail. (iii) Enforces the prop

  • Q : Illustration of a positive scientific

    An illustration of a positive scientific statement would be which college graduates who: (i) create higher incomes than high school drop outs deserve that higher income. (ii) charge victims of hurricanes as well as other natural disasters outrageous prices must be sho

  • Q : Human rights trump property rights I

    I have a problem in economics on Human rights trump property rights. Please help me in the following question. Loosely translated, the laissez-faire signifies: (i) Control and integrate. (ii) Seize the day. (iii) Human rights trump the property rights

  • Q : Building blocks for a capitalist system

    Building blocks for a capitalist system comprise: (i) supplies and demands. (ii) private property rights. (iii) laissez-faire policies. (iv) market-determined prices and outputs. (v) All of the above.I need a good answer on the topic of Economic problems

  • Q : Modern sociobiologists concept

    Modern sociobiologists concept perpetuation of individual gene pool like the fundamental human drive, and give numerous illustrations of behavior which apparently conflict along with the economist's homo economicus supposition: Parents sacrifice their whole lives for

  • Q : Why are Land Land, labor, and capital

    Land, labor, and capital are all scarce since: (w) human wants are restricted. (x) less is obtainable than people want. (y) each productive resource needs a monetary return for its use. (z) once employed they cannot be used again.

    Q : Does the entire thing have a price in

    Does the entire thing have a price? Are there several things you would not perform regardless of price?

    (Keep in mind that prices and money is not synonyms; here prices may be nonmonetary.)

  • Q : Explain about the payments to

    The payments to entrepreneurs are the: (i) interest earned by saving money and managing main corporations. (ii) rental payments by extensive land holdings. (iii) profits occurrence from bearing uncertainty and risk, innovating new goods and technologi

  • Q : Usefulness of Positive Economics Please

    Please help me to solve the problem that is given below:

    Positive economics is MOST helpful within finding if: (i) Particular economic goals are good or not. (ii) A set of national goals is desirable. (iii) Specific economic t

  • Q : Value of the best foregone alternative

    The value of the best foregone alternative explains: (w) opportunity costs. (x) monetary costs. (y) irrational behavior through a consumer. (z) retail price margins over production costs.

    How can I solve my above e

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