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  • Q : Firms attaining the U.S. firms

    Presently, several foreign firms from both the developed and developing countries attained high-tech U.S. firms. What would have motivated these firms in order to attain the U.S. firms?

  • Q : Meaning of Goodwill Meaning of Goodwill

    Meaning of Goodwill: Goodwill puts the association at a good position due to which the organization is capable to earn huge profits without any additional efforts. Goodwill can’t be seen although felt. Thus goodwill is termed as an Intangible as

  • Q : Explain the term Goodwill Explain the

    Explain the term Goodwill with espect to intangible asset?

  • Q : Accounting and Financial Management

    Part A

    During 2012 the Australian Company Woolworths Ltd (WOW) sold its subsidiary business called Dick Smith Electronics. Within 8 months of the FOR SALE sign going up Anchorage bought the Dick Smith Business for $20 million. This is the same amount Woolworths Ltd bought

  • Q : Effect of shipping costs Assume that

    Assume that pound is being pegged to the gold at 6 pounds per ounce; on the other hand the franc is being pegged to the gold at 12 francs per ounce. Which, of course, states that equilibrium exchange rate must be the two francs per pound? If existing market exchange r

  • Q : Role Strain and Role Conflict Define

    Define role strain and role conflict, and provide illustrations of each.

  • Q : Investment approach of Bill Miller

    Investment approach of Bill Miller:

    In comparison to both Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch, Miller is considered to be a slightly more aggressive investor.  Miller believed in playing big which meant that he used

  • Q : Sale return or return inward Describe

    Describe Sale return or return inward in brief.

  • Q : Leadership qualities required for


    Can one person in an organization make a difference? Write an essay on the leadership qualities required for running modern organizations <

  • Q : Guidelines for effective communication

    Define and explain the four guidelines for effective communication in families. Give examples to describe each guideline.

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