Collecting cost-Revenue data from industry

Collect cost, revenue data or other relevant data from the airbus industry and describe how you would modify the data to make it relevant to decisions a manager should make.




Airbus has high expectation and aspirations. It has challenging attitudes. High achievement is possible because of its cost and income. It defines its strategic objective by leveraging its resources. Airbus enhances its market share and runs business in better approach. The leader in the industry may find difficulty in the service of passengers. The leader can also get business attack as airbus in the airline business operates by offering fare reduction and new air fleet acquisition. The company has competitive advantage in fare concession which increases the passenger satisfaction. The advantage of airbus does not match with its competitors and the leader in the industry as they have age of flights, higher operational costs and fare structure. Airbus began its operation in 1970. It replaced the oldest Boeing. Airbus delivered 300 new airplanes in 2003. Airbus created innovation in the air business. Innovative product line with modern features help the organization to go ahead in the competition of airline business. The massive A380 is designed to carry 555 passengers at 2.5 cents.  Air business has made advances by not going for aircraft redesign. The development of the aircraft is possible at prohibitive cost. It improves its mode of operation. In 1990, there was advancement in technology and manufacturing efficiency. Air bus business approach is aggressive in nature. It gained competitive advantage in other firms. National quality line report emphasizes this point. Generally in the aircraft business, it takes ten years to move from design to launch. A manager can offer a service at a lower price in comparison with leader in the industry. This approach of market challenge is important for a manager’s decision making. The manager can offer price concession when the leader hesitates to alter his price. The manager of airline can offer value prices services.  Market share is possible in higher order when a manager takes the decision like this. More choices for passengers will improve the competitive spirit of the business.

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