Cloud service models in cloud architecture

Describe the several cloud service models within the cloud architecture?




There exist 4 kinds of the cloud service models that are available in the cloud architecture:

a) Infrastructure as a service:

It offers the consumer hardware, storage, network and other resources on the rent. Through this consumer may deploy and run software utilizing the dedicated software. This involves the operating system and applications which are linked with it.

b) Platform as a service:

It offers the user to deploy their software and application on the cloud infrastructure utilizing the tools which are available along with the operating system.

c) Software as a service:

It offers the users the capability to run its application over the cloud infrastructure and can access it from any client device utilizing any interface such as web browser.

d) Business Process as a service:

It offers any business process which is delivered through the cloud service model utilizing the internet and accesses the resources through the web portal.

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